My Life of Travels and Adventures: Homemade Astronaut Costume

Homemade Astronaut Costume

22 September 2014

Homemade Astronaut Costume
So this Halloween costume is from ummm last year.  But I never got around to actually blogging about the Astronaut Costume that I made Reid.  

Darn Thanksgiving, Christmas and all of 2014 for getting in the way. 

So please rewind with me to last fall.  Way back in October.  Way back then, I made Reid’s Halloween Costume.  An Astronaut Costume.  

Reid loves the moon.  Thanks Dad.  So as much as I wanted to make him into the moon, I knew that he would not wear something like that.  I needed something that resembled clothing.  So I decided upon an astronaut. 

My original plan was to buy an orange long sleeve shirt and pants, add some colored duct tape seems, and shine, a couple sticker stars and paper mache a yellow ball into a moon.  

Well none of that happened.  But not for lack of trying.  I bought a yellow ball.  However, it was lost by the time mid-October rolled around.  I shopped and shopped and shopped for an orange shirt and pants.  I could find them.  But nothing matched, wasn’t in the right size, etc, etc.  

So then I was going to use a pair of gray sweatpants and a hoodie that we already had until I got this idea.  


Old Sweatshirt (at least 1 size too big)
Old Pants (at least 1 size too big)
2-3 rolls of white duct tape
1 roll of silver duct tape 
Misc star stickers
Small box

  1. I stuffed the old sweatshirt over a winter jacket to give it some shape and body. 
  2. Add white duct tape. I went around most of the seams first and made a straight line with the white duct tape, leaving the cuffs exposed. Then I just went to town…
    1. I actually started with the hood  (unlike what the picture shows) and added long pieces across the entire front… Rainbow like… if that makes sense. 
    2. Once I reached the “top” of the hood, I ran pieces down the back of the hood/head until they reached the neck fold.  
    3. Then I laid the hoodie down flat, so the back was up and ran really long peices the entire length of the both arms and the back. 
    4. From their I moved down the back and ran the peices around the front…. So from zipper, around the back to the zipper again. 
    5. Then I flipped it over, and finished the front and down the arms. 
    6. I finished the sleeve cuffs and bottom of the jacket with silver duct tape.  
    7. I opted to leave a little sweatshirt material at each end so the duct tape wouldnt be rubbing on Reid skin. 
    8. I covered the inside of the hood entirely with silver duct tape. 
For the pants, 
    1. I just ran everything height wise.  Trying to keep the peices as long as possible. 
    2. Again around the pant cuffs, I ran a piece of silver tape. 
    3. Around the waist, I left quite a bit of pants showing to prevent rubbing. 
  1. I also covered a small snack container with duct tape, to make a jet pack.  
  2. Finally, I added some decorations… A NASA label, a name tag and a few felt star sticker I had. 
I think it is adorable…. Unfortunatly, I used pants that fit Reid (and were not a size larger) so they didnt quite button on Halloween.  But that was a moot point becuase he was not into wearing his costume at all. 
He did wear the jacket into each of the 3 grandparents houses and our own house when we trick or treated.  And was super adorable wearing it.  

Unfortunatly for this blog post the pictures of him in the costume are cute but don’t show off the costume that well.  
So you will have to trust me when I saw that this is a cute and simple Astronaut Costume. 


  1. This is a great idea. My son is very interested in outer space (he is 5) so we may do this this year. Thanks for the ideas!


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