My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Quick Halloween Decoration

A Quick Halloween Decoration

24 September 2014

Between packing, moving and unpacking this spring/summer, I haven't decorated for any holidays since St. Patrick's Day/Easter?  So I definitely am for Halloween.  That and Reid is starting to notice the decorations at the stores and such, so I think it will be fun to have some more at home.  

Well between moving twice in the past two years and then having this rental house be bigger than what we are used to, we are lacking in the decoration department.  While looking around pinterest, I found this from Obsessively Crafty.  And wanted it.  

It was one of those WooHoo moments where you find something you want to make, you already have everything you need for it AND your toddler is napping.  WooHoo!
Black and Green Pipe Cleaners

First, I fully painted each of the squares.  
For the Spider, I used white adhesive vinyl to make the eyes and smile.  Then hot glued the black pipe cleaners onto the back. 
For the Ghost and Pumpkin, I cut both the eyes and mouth out of black adhesive vinyl. 
On the Pumpkin, I twirled half a green pipe cleaner around a pen, then hot glued it on the top. 
Frankenstein was a little more time consuming.  Again, the eyes, eyebrows and hair are out of black adhesive vinyl.  The hair took me a couple sketches to get it to look right.  Then I just used an ultra fine point black sharpie to draw on the mouth and scares.  
I used hot glue and a left over piece of orange ribbon (from the no-sew sheet curtains in Reid's room) to attach all the faces together.  

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