My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Mummy

A Mummy

29 September 2014

Paper Plate Mummy
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I have an easy toddler Halloween craft for you. A little painting and some glueing results in a cute mummy.  

This one involves digging through your left over party decorations for a couple supplies.  


1. Paint the paper plate green. 
2. While the paint dried (and Reid napped), I cut white crepe paper into strips about an inch longer than the width of the plate. 
3. Glue on the goggly eyes then glue on the crepe paper.  
Tada.  A cute mummy.  
Paper Plate Mummy
PS. We used glue sticks for the entire project and everything is holding tight so far.  

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  1. this is a cute art project, would probably gone over well with my preschool class when I taught preschool.

  2. What a cute idea! So simple, but really creative and fun.


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