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DIY Gallery Wall

12 August 2014

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So as we have moved in, I have been slowly adding artwork, pictures and such to the walls.  Slowly.  Actually, none of the rooms are complete.  But I am getting there.  As soon as I get more stuff to hang.  We have way too many white walls.  I can't stand it. 
We have this short wall in the kitchen/dining room that is between the hallway to the rest of the house and the doorway to the office.  

At first I hung one of the cross stitch angels from my Grandma there.  But then it felt too small.  So it was moved elsewhere and I was left with a hook in the wall for a week.  

Then I got an idea.  I would make a little place to hang some of Reid's projects.  

Luckily, I had all these supplies on hand so this little project cost me nothing. 

I used some old black picture frames I had stored in the back of the closet.  These random picture frames all had no glass, since it was broke sometime over the past several years.  #Hoarder
I was originally just going to paint the backboard but was worried that corkboard (on the larger frames) and cardboard (on the smaller frames) would take the paint differently and look funny so I opted for white contact paper.  The contact paper was left over from a project in Reid's room that I will share soon.  
I just quickly covered the fronts of the backboard... making sure that the front looks nice, crisp and clean. And not really 
Then I used a picture hanging wire that I had left over from some new Ikea picture frames.  I just wrapped it around the front and twisted in the back.  Not perfect but good. 
For the two larger frames the wire was not long enough to cover both the front and the back so I used the picture hooks that also came with the Ikea frames. 
A little shows in the front but they are not really noticeable unless you are looking for them. 
I had a decent opening to work with but also had to go around the thermostat and light switched so this is the layout I ended up liking the best.  I just hung each frame with a nail.  Nothing special.
To hang Reid's artwork, I just used these mini colored clothes pins.  
Yes, those are Mother's Day gifts.  No its not near Mother's Day.  Since hanging this gallery wall I have been swapping out the artwork each week for different projects we make at Tot School


  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea! My 2 year old is really enjoying her art projects. I've been thinking of a way to display them. I love that you can swap out the artwork!

  2. This is a BRILLIANT idea! My 2 year old is doing more art projects and I've been thinking of a way to display them. I love that you can swap out the display! Wonderful.


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