My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Butterfly

A Butterfly

20 August 2014

Artwork on the wall in this new house seems to be my downfall.  I am trying to get some wall art up in each room but it is taking me a while to figure out where to hang what. 

The extra bedroom was looking especially stark for a while now.  Its only contents being the bed and bookshelf that have been in there since we moved in.  

For now we are using the old bed set that was in the extra bedroom of our Philly house
… which happens to have some bright green in it.  

Luckily, the old curtains from Reid’s nursery match pretty well and add some color to the off white walls.  

As for artwork, I made a simple butterfly piece for the one wall. 

1 - 11x14 canvas
Spray Paint
Adhesive backed vinyl
Pen + Scrap Paper

  1. Spray paint the canvas.  I used green spray paint that was leftover from painting the trays for Tot School 
  2. While the canvas dries, sketch out your design onto the scrap paper. 
  3. Transfer your design to the paper backing on the vinyl.  Remember that what you see on the back of the vinyl will be opposite when you cut it out and adhere it to you canvas. 
  4. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the butterfly out of the vinyl.  
  5. Adhere it to painted canvas.  I worked from the back forward…  So the two back wings first, then the front wings, then the body when I adhered the design to the canvas. 
I love that the pinks on the butterfly pulls in the pink from the carpet, while the green canvas matches the linens in the room and pulls the room together.  

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