My Life of Travels and Adventures: Super Simple Monogram Artwork + Laundry Room Reveal (of sorts)

Super Simple Monogram Artwork + Laundry Room Reveal (of sorts)

23 July 2014

I am really over the whole moving thing.  I know people move all the time and a lot more than we have, but there is just something about boxes and unpacking that looses its appeal to me about 3/4 of the way through.  

So my goal for this move was to have everything unpacked from the boxes and at least in the appropriate room.  Which meant that the laundry room/mud room became a catch all of sorts.  It also made it really difficult to do laundry seeing as though the top of the washer was prime real estate for stuff.  

So I spent one nap time on really sorting out, cleaning and organizing this little space.  

To be fair, this “before” picture is actually a few days after I got really frustrated at all the stuff in the room and threw most of it up in the baskets on the shelves or out in the garage.  
I picked up the bright red storage baskets at the dollar tree to use in the office but they ended up bring some much needed color and organization to the laundry room.  

The blue bins are leftover from Reid’s original nursery. 

I went through and sorted like things together (I know.  Novel idea).  So the top shelf from left to right holds...

Blue Bin: Extra zip lock bags and miscellaneous kitchen goodies.
Blue Bin: Miscellanous cleaning stuff... Sponges, little brushes, etc. 
Red Bin: Cleaners - Febreeze, lysol, oxyclean
Flashlight without batteries
Empty containers for homemade laundry soap
Red Bin: Fels Naptha Bars for homemade laundry soap
Bottom shelf:
Red Bin: Straws, disposable silver wear
Red Bin: Paper plates

Red Bin: Large rags
Red Bin: Small rags
I do want to get a few more of these red bins for the leftover stuff on the shelf.  They were out the last time I stopped at the Dollar Tree.  
Once the shelves were somewhat organized and cleaner looking, I knew some art for the wall was in store.  When you walk into the house through the garage your view is directly at the wall beyond the utility sink. 
I ended up making a super easy piece for the wall.  

16x20 Canvas
Red Spray Paint
Command Strip Mounting Tape
Letter M
Blue Paint

1. Spray paint the canvas red. 
2. Paint the letter blue. 
3. Using the commend strips adhere the letter to the canvas. 
4. Tada!

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