My Life of Travels and Adventures: Flower Themed Tot School

Flower Themed Tot School

11 June 2014

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So this post has been ready and sitting in my drafts for almost a month now.  Oops.

This week's Tot School was all about flowers.  Thankfully spring is here and some flowers are starting to bloom around here.  Thank goodness for color!  I am so sick of seeing white and brown outside all the time. 
Supplies:  Easter Grass and random artificial flowers.  
As simple as this sensory bin looks, Reid had a blast playing with it.  He likes being able to grow his own flowers in the grass and then pick them.  
Supplies: White Paper and Flower Stickers
This is such a simple Tot Tray but one that I keep coming back to.  Reid loves it each week. 
Supplies: Dot Markers and Printables from 3 Dinosaurs
Another Tot Tray that keeps making its appearance week after week is the dot markers.  Always a big hit. 
Supplies: Paint BrushPaint and Wooden Flowers
Reid loves painting.  I usually set him up to paint on one side of the table and use the other to work on a project of my own. 
Supplies: Play Dough
Reid loves play dough.  Loves.  So this Tot Tray keeps repeating in each week.   
Supplies: Coloring Book and Crayons
I made the flowers by hot glueing a button onto a large craft stick and the pots by hot glueing a strip of construction paper around each.  
Then Reid got to matching colors and growing flowers.  
Supplies: Spring Puzzle
Reid is really into puzzles now.  I picked up a couple at the dollar tree and a few in the $1 bin at Target. 
Supplies: Babybug and Highlights High Five Magazines

Another week of Tot School has passed and Reid still continues to amaze me with what he knows and learns each day.  And what he is adamant on not doing.  Toddlers

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