My Life of Travels and Adventures: Inside My Bag + Why I Carry So Much Stuff

Inside My Bag + Why I Carry So Much Stuff

26 May 2014

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbKKmart
Now that Reid is a full blown toddler, it has made even the simplest outings risky.  Some days he is a mostly perfect child and other days usually the ones when I need to do something out of the house, he is a not that well behaved, i.e. a terror.  

I now have a mostly foolproof way of being prepared for these outings.  I have finally perfected my "Mom Bag".  I carry goodies, snacks and toys for Reid along with goodies and such for me.  

I recently picked up a new pink purse for the spring/summer and I am loving how bright it is.  It still fits within my same requirements for a purse... 3 sections and at least one zippered section. 
So, what is in my bag?  Quite literally, a little bit of everything.  Minus the kitchen sink. 
Section 1: Snacks + Diapers
  1. Prepackaged Snacks - These are perfect for when Reid gets fussy waiting for dinner to arrive or while riding in the shopping cart.  
  2. Snack Pouch - Another option for when toddler hunger strikes.  A hungry child can make any outing horrible, trust me.  
  3. Suckers - Reid is going through a licking phase or maybe its just a boy thing... licking the shopping cart, licking the dinner table, etc... Suckers are the perfect solution. 
  4. Diapers + Wipes - I think I will be carrying wipes until Reid moves out.  Boys and dirt. 
Section 2: Toys
  1. Cars - Lots of cars.  Cars for all occasions.  Cars fix most issues. 
  2. Play-Doh - Again, for those times when Reid needs to sit somewhat still and be somewhat quiet... like waiting for our dinner at a restaurant. 
  3. Construction Vehicles - Just in case the cars don't make things better, construction vehicles will. 
Section 3: Me
  1. Hand Sanitizer - The whole kids, dirt, germs thing... Makes me carry hand sanitizer.  And use it often.
  2. Notebook + Pens - I am always writing down notes.  Tasks to complete at home, things from the store, blog ideas, event reminders and such.  I need to carry a notebook to keep track of everything and be prepared. 
  3. Sunglasses - Most days in my rush to get out the door on time, I forget my sunglasses.  Driving and being out in the sun without sunglasses is a no go for me.  So I always carry a pair in my purse for backup. 
  4. Diaper Cream - Just in case.  I have no idea why this is in the "me" section.  I should move it to the diaper side. 
  5. Chapstick - Is there anything worse than chapped lips and no chapstick? 
  6. Random Receipts -Who knows why?  I really should clean out the receipts and grocery store monopoly game pieces sometime. 
  7. Hair Ties - I have this weird issue with my hair touching my neck... so although, most days I start with my hair down... I will throw it back part of the way through the day.  So extra hair ties are a necessity for me. 
  8. Motrin + Aleve - I have a toddler and I run.  Must carry these at all times. 
  9. Wallet + Giftcards - What would a purse be without money?
  10. Keys - I need to have a lanyard, Snap-On of course, on my keys in order to find them in my purse... Too much stuff.   
  11. U by Kotex -  Another purse staple since my teenage years.  Always better to be prepared.  I also love that the packaging doesn't scream feminine product... which means I can be prepared and not embarrassed when Reid pulls these out of my purse in front of everyone.  (I also love that the box is a little more inconspicuous... Especially since last week at Kmart, Reid was insisted on holding the U by Kotex all the way to the checkout).
Right now you can receive a $3 instant savings through Kmart's Shop Your Way rewards program with the purchase of 2 U by Kotex products.  If your not a member yet, you can sign up here.  Its a great program that saves me money each time I shop at Kmart.  


  1. I love the color of your bag! It looks like you've got everything ya need for you & little man. Haha. My purse looks like everything on your "me" side too. I hope you've had a great weekend.

  2. have SO much stuff in your bag I actually gasped, lol! Love your bag though, super spacious and something I may need myself, lol x

  3. I like you bag, the color and size, it has so much space.


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