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DIY Train Table

05 May 2014

DIY Train Table for less than $75
This post is way over due. Think before Christmas.  

Reid has been really into trains for the past 6 months or so.  I knew I wanted to get him a train table for Christmas. And there were some decent deals that came along.  But I wanted something on the bigger side, something sturdy and something less obnoxious.  
So we DIY-ed a train table.  
Actually it was really just assembly. 
We used the Ikea LACK coffee table in white and a couple of the ikea train kits to create the train table.  
The hardest part of the whole thing making the track.  It took the two of us quite a while to get a track the actually lead somewhere and was connected.  
But once we had our track, we knew we needed the track to stay put.  Reid is very much in a destroy everything phase.  So we used a nail gun and a little hot glue keep the train tracks in place.  So far after 4+ months, everything is still in place. 
Even with having to buy a pack of brad nails, the tracks, and the coffee table, this entire project cost us less than $75 and only a few hours one evening.  
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  1. That's such a good idea to nail the track down. We had to put E's train table in his room because Toddlerzilla keeps taking it apart!

  2. I Love this Idea!!! Makes for a cleaner house!

  3. Love this Idea!!! Makes for a cleaner home as well!!!


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