My Life of Travels and Adventures: May 2014

Texture Time with Juicy Juice + Crayola #UltimatePlaydate

30 May 2014

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Reid is really in a neat learning stage lately. Watching him experience and understand new things is the best. However, he went through a phase recently where he didn't like anything on his hands. Dirt. Food. Paint. Anything. It really made for difficult time crafting and at snack time.

So with that in mind, I set about to really focus on activities with different textures for Reid. On a quick shopping trip to Walmart, I picked up all the goodies I would need for this texture project including some Juicy Juice.
To introduce new textures and make them fun, I started off slow by just changing up things we all ready play with... like crayons and chalk.

I used the My First Crayola - Easy Grip Egg Shaped Crayons to focus on hard objects. Reid is trying to break the egg in the picture below.
Then we moved onto the Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. Note the chalk on his hands and the "I'm not sure about this face".
So after some touching, talking and playing with the crayon and chalk, it was time for the flubber.
I thought maybe Reid would need a little encouragement to "get his hands dirty" but he was all about it.  
The great thing about the flubber is that really doesn't get his hands dirty.  It pretty much stays in one piece without flaking or sticking, yet it feels gooey and different to the touch.   This flubber kept Reid occupied for over a half an hour the first time he played with it.  For a kid with a 2 second, literally, attention span, that is something.     

Oh yeah, another great thing... It is simple to make. 

1/4 C White Glue
1/4 C Juicy Juice
Food Coloring, Optional

1 Tbsp Borax
1/8 C Juicy Juice

1. In a medium bowl, mix the glue and Juicy Juice together.  
2. In a separate bowl, mix the borax and remaining Juicy Juice together.  All the borax will not dissolve.  Thats okay. 
3.  To the glue mixture, add 3 Tbsp of the liquid from the the borax mixture. Only the liquid, try not to get the remaining borax crystals at the bottom of the bowl.  
4. Mix and the slime will form.  
5. Remove the slime from the bowl and discard any remaining liquid.  
6. Continue to knead the slime for 1-2 minutes until a uniform mixture is obtained. 
I find it best to make this when you kids are in bed, that way your husband can play with it uninterrupted.  Been there, done that. 

Through September, on specially marked packages of Juicy Juice you will find coupons for up to $3 off toddler and kid appropriate Crayola products. And there will be $1 off Juicy Juice Instant Coupons applied to specially marked packages of Crayola Color Wonder and My First Crayola products. So start shopping!

Banana Blueberry Muffins

29 May 2014

Banana Blueberry Muffins
Somehow, we still have blueberries left from last fall in our freezer.  Well we did before I went on a blueberry baking craze.

Awesome Things Tuesday

27 May 2014


Welcome back to another week of Awesome Things Tuesday!

This week's features!

Randi's Pick - West Elm Knock Off Art Work from Delineate Your Dwelling 
West Elm Inspired knock off, Geo Print : Delineate Your Dwelling ‪#‎westelm‬ ‪#‎knockoff‬  
Ashley's Pick - Tomato and Asparagus Salad from Three in Three
  Tomato and Asparagus Salad by Three in Three 
Victoria's Pick - You Are My Sunshine Burlap Canvas from My Creative Days
  "You Are My Sunshine" Burlap Canvas 
Krystal's Pick - Hand Painted Wood Bead Necklace from Burlap and Bananas

And the most clicked link from last week...

Roller Ball Painting from Mother's Madness

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Inside My Bag + Why I Carry So Much Stuff

26 May 2014

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Now that Reid is a full blown toddler, it has made even the simplest outings risky.  Some days he is a mostly perfect child and other days usually the ones when I need to do something out of the house, he is a not that well behaved, i.e. a terror.  

I now have a mostly foolproof way of being prepared for these outings.  I have finally perfected my "Mom Bag".  I carry goodies, snacks and toys for Reid along with goodies and such for me.  

I recently picked up a new pink purse for the spring/summer and I am loving how bright it is.  It still fits within my same requirements for a purse... 3 sections and at least one zippered section. 
So, what is in my bag?  Quite literally, a little bit of everything.  Minus the kitchen sink. 
Section 1: Snacks + Diapers
  1. Prepackaged Snacks - These are perfect for when Reid gets fussy waiting for dinner to arrive or while riding in the shopping cart.  
  2. Snack Pouch - Another option for when toddler hunger strikes.  A hungry child can make any outing horrible, trust me.  
  3. Suckers - Reid is going through a licking phase or maybe its just a boy thing... licking the shopping cart, licking the dinner table, etc... Suckers are the perfect solution. 
  4. Diapers + Wipes - I think I will be carrying wipes until Reid moves out.  Boys and dirt. 
Section 2: Toys
  1. Cars - Lots of cars.  Cars for all occasions.  Cars fix most issues. 
  2. Play-Doh - Again, for those times when Reid needs to sit somewhat still and be somewhat quiet... like waiting for our dinner at a restaurant. 
  3. Construction Vehicles - Just in case the cars don't make things better, construction vehicles will. 
Section 3: Me
  1. Hand Sanitizer - The whole kids, dirt, germs thing... Makes me carry hand sanitizer.  And use it often.
  2. Notebook + Pens - I am always writing down notes.  Tasks to complete at home, things from the store, blog ideas, event reminders and such.  I need to carry a notebook to keep track of everything and be prepared. 
  3. Sunglasses - Most days in my rush to get out the door on time, I forget my sunglasses.  Driving and being out in the sun without sunglasses is a no go for me.  So I always carry a pair in my purse for backup. 
  4. Diaper Cream - Just in case.  I have no idea why this is in the "me" section.  I should move it to the diaper side. 
  5. Chapstick - Is there anything worse than chapped lips and no chapstick? 
  6. Random Receipts -Who knows why?  I really should clean out the receipts and grocery store monopoly game pieces sometime. 
  7. Hair Ties - I have this weird issue with my hair touching my neck... so although, most days I start with my hair down... I will throw it back part of the way through the day.  So extra hair ties are a necessity for me. 
  8. Motrin + Aleve - I have a toddler and I run.  Must carry these at all times. 
  9. Wallet + Giftcards - What would a purse be without money?
  10. Keys - I need to have a lanyard, Snap-On of course, on my keys in order to find them in my purse... Too much stuff.   
  11. U by Kotex -  Another purse staple since my teenage years.  Always better to be prepared.  I also love that the packaging doesn't scream feminine product... which means I can be prepared and not embarrassed when Reid pulls these out of my purse in front of everyone.  (I also love that the box is a little more inconspicuous... Especially since last week at Kmart, Reid was insisted on holding the U by Kotex all the way to the checkout).
Right now you can receive a $3 instant savings through Kmart's Shop Your Way rewards program with the purchase of 2 U by Kotex products.  If your not a member yet, you can sign up here.  Its a great program that saves me money each time I shop at Kmart.  

Chewy Chocolate Chip (No-Bake) Granola Bars

22 May 2014

Chewy Chocolate Chip (No-Bake) Granola Bars
Again, in a quest to find a yummy, healthier snack option, I made these Chewy Chocolate Chip No-Bake Granola Bars.  

Talk about perfection. 

Simple Toddler Meals: Part 2

21 May 2014

One of my post popular posts of all time was my Toddler Lunch post where I showed 8 different lunches ideas for Reid.

 Those lunches were packed for daycare in Rubbermaid containers and used reusable muffin cups for separation.

Today, I am back with some more lunch/dinner options for toddlers from the past few months.

Now that I am staying home with Reid, there are no neat little containers and perfectly prepped meals.

Lunches now are all about quick and easy lunches on cute colored plates.  Most of the time they are thrown together in about 3 minutes.

Like leftovers from dinner.  That is always my starting meal for lunch.  But some nights our dinner yields no leftovers.

So I raid the freezer.

Frozen vegetables are my friend for lunch.  They can be portioned out and cook quickly in the microwave.

Precooked meats are also used commonly for lunch around here.  Whether it be precooked chicken strips, chicken patties, sausages, or meatballs.

So the lunches below are from the past month or two... when I remembered to take a picture before giving them to Reid.

Meal #1: Chicken, Asparagus and Shredded Cheese
Meal # 2: Turkey Meatballs, Carrots, Corn on the Cob and Blackberries
Meal #3: Peas, Chicken Strips, Pasta and String Cheese
Meal #4: Leftovers: Lasagna, Garlic Pull Apart Bread and Shredded Cheese
Meal #5: Turkey Spinach Meatballs, Mixed Vegetables and String Cheese
Meal #6: Chicken, Pasta and Broccoli
Meal #7: Chicken Strips, Mixed Vegetables and Shredded Cheese
Meal #8: Barbecue Chicken, Squash and Broccoli
Meal #9: Chicken Nuggets, Carrots and Shredded Cheese
Meal #10: Chicken, Pasta and Mixed Vegetables
Meal #11: Leftovers: Chicken, Corn, Broccoli, Cottage Cheese and Mashed Potatoes
Meal #12: Turkey Meatballs, String Cheese, Blueberries and Mixed Vegetables
Meal #13: Leftovers: Spaghetti, Meatballs and Garlic Knots
Meal #14: Turkey Spinach Meatballs, String Cheese and a piece of Bread
Meal #15: Chicken, Peas and Macaroni and Cheese
Meal #16: Chicken Nuggets, Lima Beans and String Cheese
Meal #17: Yogurt Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries and Sausage
Meal #18: Fish Sticks, Apples and a Baby Banana Muffin
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