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Star Themed Tot School

30 April 2014

10 Star Themed Tot Trays
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March and April were so hectic around here.  I could never get ahead or even caught up on housework and Tot School stuff.   So bear with me on the next couple weeks of Tot School posts...
Star Themed Sensory Bin
Keeping with the shape theme from before, this week+ of Tot School was all about stars.  Which made it kind of hard to come up with ideas for the sensory bin.  But nonetheless, Reid loved this weeks bin.  I am pretty sure he would have played in this bin all day everyday if I let him.  

I did add a couple wooden spoons and random measuring cups for him to play with. 
Supplies: Dot Markers and Printables from 3 Dinosaurs
Reid is a huge fan of dot markers and completed all the worksheets I printed out this week.  Maybe 5. So I went back and made some more copies for him to do again.  

We played a lot with eh Mickey Mouse Colors & Shapes flashcards.  Reid is really in a matching phase, so I would name a shape and he would find all of that particular shape from the cards laid out. 
Supplies: Wooden Stars 

This tray was only used for a couple minutes.  I thought Reid would like matching the big stars together and the little stars together but he really wanted nothing to do with it.  So we moved on. 
Supplies: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Little Shapes , Shapes and Nemo Shapes

Lately, Reid wants to read his own books.  He will hand me a book and then pick one out for himself and we will sit together and look at our own books.  So this week I picked books that he could look though on his own and still see lots of shapes. 
Supplies:  Crayons Printables from 3 Dinosaurs

Coloring.  Need I say more. Always a hit. 
Supplies: Washi Tape

For this Tot Tray, I collected all my star wash tape and let Reid play.  He had fun stacking the like rolls together and lining all of them up in a row.  This was really a hands off tray for me. 
Supplies: Play DoughClear Sheet Protectors and Printables from Moms Have Questions Too 
We spend so much time each day playing with play dough.  So the trays that include play dough are always always a hit. 
Supplies: White Paper and Foam Stickers

Sticker are hit and miss around here.  He played with this tray for a couple minutes but it was more about the color of the stars than actually sticking them as stickers. 

This was a fun tray.  It involved a little help from me to get started but Reid had fun making (or trying to make) stars out of the popsicle sticks.  
Supplies: Large Buttons and Pipe Cleaners

The threading trays are always hit or miss.  But I try to include one every week or so.  This week he strung a couple stars onto the pipe cleaner before loosing interest and moving on. 

I am thinking of moving away from shapes for a bit.  We shall see though. 

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Blog Planning & Organization Binder

28 April 2014

Blog Binder with Free PrintableLinks
I have come to a point in my life where I can't remember anything.  At least it seems that way.  I will have this great idea that I want to write about or this recipe that I want to try but by the time I stop Reid from running over the dogs on his tractor, let the dogs out and in, clean up from some random mess and finally actually have time to do something, that great idea is long gone.
So for a while I was writing down all my blog ideas & to-do's in a small notebook but then that got too disorganized and I got too frustrated with it so for the last 3+ months I have been using a binder.  And I am really happy with it. 
It has everything I need in it and nothing I don't.  It has room to grow, to take notes, to plan and to track.  It is perfect for me.

3 Ring Binder - I used a 1 inch binder
Tab dividers
Lined Paper 
Washi Tape 
A Sharpie

1. Editorial Calendar from 30 Handmade Days:
I use this calendar to schedule my upcoming posts and keep track of project deadlines.  I also write down upcoming payments due to me from sponsors.  This really helps me keep track of what is happening on my blog.

2. Already Posted Section:

Since I schedule all of my posts at least the night prior, I use this "already posted" section to keep track of promoting those posts of social media... specifically Pinterest.

3. In the Works Section:
Here is were I keep track of posts that I have started in one way or another... Could be that I have photographed for this post already, could be that I have created the recipe already, could be that I have typed the post already.  These are posts that I have started working on.
I have a folder in this section that I stick notes in.  Whether it be a recipe I created or notes on a project.  It becomes a little catch all until I get this post posted.

4. Ideas:

I use this section for brainstorming.  It is a running list of blog topics, craft ideas and family posts to write. 5. Recipe Ideas - Printable from Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot

This section is a list of recipe ideas to try.  A lot get nixed before I even head to the kitchen but I like to have a few ideas jotted down incase I need some inspiration next time I am in a cooking mood.

6. Pitches:
This section is just a little space for me to record pitches I send out for various campaigns.  As well as some of the campaign details, etc.

7. Stats - Printable from PDX Bloggers
I have been using several printables from the PDX Bloggers for a couple years now and I love them.  I use this Stats & Analytics page to help keep track of all my social media account numbers, page views, visitors and the such.

8. Finances - Printable from PDX Bloggers
This page is super important for tax purposes.  I use it to record the expenses and income associate with this here blog.

9. Affiliates - Printable from PDX Bloggers
This section has a place for website and login information for different affiliate programs.  Truth be told, I haven't filled any of it out yet.  I think I may change this section out for password/login list to include passwords for my social media and blogging accounts.

There you have it.  How I kind of keep organized while blogging.  Since I blog when I can in the little bit of nap time I have free, keeping organized and knowing what I need to get done next helps so much.

How do you keep track of your blogging endeavors?  Do you have a binder or a planner or a good memory?

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Butterscotch Chip Chocolate Cookies

24 April 2014

This recipe came out of a need to make some room in my panty.  

I had two bags of butterscotch chips that needed to go.  I thought of going with a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe and just subbing the butterscotch for the chocolate.  But I was in a chocolate mood.  When am I not?

Tropical Fruit Juice & Lemonade Cookies

21 April 2014

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.  #KoolOff #CollectiveBias
Tropical Lemonade Cookies #shop
Is it me or does spring and summer mean more fruit drinks are consumed in your house? Something about the heat and juice drinks go hand in hand.

White Chicken Chili

17 April 2014

I have been making this recipe for Neil our entire marriage.  The original recipe came from a coworker of mine and was cut out from the newspaper.  I have since lost my photocopy of that little recipe but somehow always seem to have this recipe written down somewhere. 

Tin Can Desk Organizers

16 April 2014

Tin Can Desk Organizers
March was incredibly long.  Not much was done around our house.  Not much was completed in general.

I did however get to start updating our "office" area.  When I was working at home, I had a nice big office with storage, a window and organization.  Then when Neil started his business, I lost a little of my room and gained a huge file cabinet and lots of paperwork and stuff.
Then when I stopped working at the end of the year, the office got moved into our bedroom and the old office became a full blown playroom.

Veggie Chowder

10 April 2014

This recipe is perfect for those lingering cold nights.  It is a nice thick hearty chowder!

Breakfast Cookies

03 April 2014

Breakfast Cookies
These cookies grew from Neil's need to pretty much have breakfast on the go.  Seeing that he can't get up in the morning the first 3/4 times his alarm goes off... There is no time for him to sit down and eat breakfast. 

Plastic Easter Egg Garland

02 April 2014

Plastic Easter Egg Garland
I like having some holiday decorations out for most holidays.  Especially now that Reid gets some of them.  Sometimes.

Well, we are severely lacking in the Easter decoration category.

So apparently are the stores.  I looked at Wal-mart, Target, the Dollar Store and The Christmas Tree Shops for something cute and festive.  Nada.

So I made something...

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