My Life of Travels and Adventures: St. Patrick's Day Wreath

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

24 February 2014

St. Patrick's Day Wreath
Although we have an Irish last name, we are not big into celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  However, I love having decorations up around the house.  It is even more fun now that Reid is showing a real interest in the decorations as well.

Since I have a love for decorations on our front door, I set out to make a St. Patrick's Day wreath.  I tried a few different things but ultimately came up with this one.
It was really simple and cheap to make as well.  Only $2 for the supplies, some twine and hot glue I had on hand.

Foam Wreath
Green & White Carnations
Hot Glue
Scrap Paper

1. Wrap the wreath with the twine.  Hot glue the end to start.  Be patient and wrap tightly.  I did this before with yarn for my halloween wreath, so I knew this would take a little while.  Hot glue the other end of the twine to the wreath when finished wrapping.
2.  Since the actual twine covered wreath was the hardest part of this whole project, I did not want to permanently adhere the flowers to it.  In case I want to use it over again for a different wreath.   So, I wrapped a small scrap or paper around the wreath and hot glued that to itself.
3.  Using another scrap of paper, I punctured wholes for the flower to poke through.  I took the flowers off the stems all together. 
4.  Once all the flowers were positioned on the scrap of paper, I hot glued them in place on the back.  Okay, really, I didn't at first.  But once I picked it up, turned it over twice and a couple flowers fell out, I knew I need to glue them. 
5. Glue the paper containing the flowers to the paper on the wreath.
6.  Add a loop of twine at the top to hang it with.
Simple right?  Also cheap since I picked up the wreath and flowers at The Dollar Store.

I started this project during nap time but a certain someone woke up a little early that day.  Luckily, I bought 2 bunches of flowers because he had a ball marching around the house like this...
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  1. This is super cute! What a great idea!

  2. Your wreath looks awesome! It's always good to have extra supplies when your trying to craft with young ones around ;)

  3. Clever idea. Thanks for linking to Wha'd You Do This Weekend,


  4. How pretty, I love that shade of green. Thanks for sharing at Sweet and Savoury Sundays, I'd love you to stop by this weekend and link up!

  5. This is such a cute idea and so easy to do! Thanks for sharing this project at The Pin Junkie. It was featured in a St. Patrick's Day roundup at


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