Circle Themed Tot School

Here we have 12 ideas for circle themed tot trays.

Circle Themed Tot School

12 Circle Themed Tot Trays

1. Circle Themed Sensory Bin

Circle Themed Sensory Bin

Supplies: Washi Tape, Large Dish Pan, Large Buttons, Cotton Balls, Large Bells, Wooden Circles, Balls, Scoops and Tongs.

DIY Circle Themed Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was hard for me to come up with. I just could not find any round items to put in it.
Once I moved on to circles & balls, it was much easier.

The hit of this sensory bin is definitely the three balls. All I have been hearing all week is “sock-a ball, base-eh-ball and base-ka-ball”.

2. Dot Marker Circles

Dot Marker Circles

Supplies: Dot Markers and Printables from 3 Dinosaurs
Reid loves playing with the dot markers. Loves. This week’s circle printable was a hit as well.

3. Shape Flashcards

Shape Flashcards

Supplies: Playskool Flashcards, Sesame Street Flash Cards and Mickey Mouse Flash Cards

Flash cards are hit and miss around here. Maybe 5-10 minutes a day are spent playing with them. I usually say what is on the flashcard, hand it to Reid and he either stacks or makes a line out of them.

4. Pom Pom Moving

Pom Pom Moving

Supplies: Ice Cube Tray, Large Pompoms and Tongs

Reid likes using tongs. So moving the pompoms from hole to hole was quite fun for him.

5. Googly Eye Gluing

Googly Eye Gluing

Supplies: White Paper, Googly Eyes and a Glue Stick

Again with the glue stick. A hit. Reid filled a couple sheets of paper with these goggly eyes.

6. Circle Stamping

Circle Stamping

Supplies: White Paper, Paint and Round Foam Brushes

When I showed Reid how to dab the foam brushes into the paint and then stamp with them, I said “Dab, dab, dab… Stamp, stamp, stamp.”

All week when we came back to this activity, it was “dab, dab, dab, stamp, stamp, stamp” coming out of his mouth.

7. Circle Stickers

Circle Stickers

Supplies: White Paper and Stickers

Another simple activity… I set Reid up with this while I was making dinner the one night. Peel & stick.

8. Button Threading

Button Threading

Supplies: Large Buttons and Pipe Cleaners

This was a quick activity for Reid… he lost interest pretty fast.

9. Shape Puzzle

Shape Puzzle

Supplies: Shape Puzzle

We are definitely in a puzzle phase around here. All day. Every day. I bought this puzzle in a pack of 3 for his Easter Basket this year.

But when I saw how easy his other puzzles have been for him, I thought maybe. He took right to it but does need a little help here and there.

10. Circle Worksheets

Circle Worksheets

Supplies: Circle Printables from Moms Have Questions Too and Crayons

I used a couple different printables from Moms Have Questions Too this week. Coloring is always fun.

11. Playdough Circles

Playdough Circles

Supplies: Play Dough, Clear Sheet Protectors and Heart Printables from Moms Have Questions Too

Play dough! Enough said.

12. Tot Tray Circle Learning

Tot Tray Circle Learning

Supplies: Lacing Shapes

This circle came in a pack of different shapes (like last week’s heart). These are pretty hit and miss around here.

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