My Life of Travels and Adventures: Winter Themed Tot School

Winter Themed Tot School

15 January 2014

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Well this is only week 1 of Tot School around here and I am happy to report that both Reid and I survived. 
I incorporated a lot of craft projects this week to ease us into structured time and it worked well.  
As part of Tot School, I also created a sensory bin.  I was (am) kind of eh on the whole sensory bin thing, so our first one was easy to create and clean up. 
Reid had a blast with it.  He liked hiding and then digging for the bells and slinky stars.  The ice cream scoop was used mostly as a launcher for the cotton balls but the tongs were a big hit.  
So far this activity creates a good distraction while I am preparing dinner.  I have Reid stand at the kitchen table and play in his bin.   
Of course sometimes there is a mess but that is expected. 

I also created 10 Winter Themed Tot Trays to help ease us into being home together all the time.  
My idea of a simple Tot Tray.
Reid loves sticking and peeling stickers so this activity was a hit.  

We ended up using plain ole white paint for the snowflakes not the glitter paint but it was still a fun activity.  

Several weeks ago, at story time there was a craft similar to this and Reid loved it. 

He had fun going dot, dot, dot on the paper this time.  Looks just like snow to me. 

Confession: We never go around to playing with this tray this week.  Oh well. 

Another confession: My washi tape collection is quite large....
For this tray, I lined up pieces of tape along the table edge and let Reid go to town. 
 He didn't quite create snowflakes but he still had fun. 

Reid spent forever painting these popsicle sticks.  After they dried I stuck them together with a dab of hot glue.  

Supplies: Ice is Nice by Dr. Suess, The Snowman Band of Snowboggle Bend by Cheryl Hawkinson and Snowflakes Fall by Patricia MacLachlan and Steven Kellogg

This was a fun craft for Reid.  Bonus point for not being messy.  
I used left over streamers from Reid's birthday party tore into little pieces for the snowflakes. 

Reid had a blast sticking the snow flakes to the contact paper and making it snow. 

Supplies: Babybug and Highlights High Five Magazines

All in all, it was a good first week of Tot School.  We had a lot of fun with each of these Tot Trays. 

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  1. I had missed your post last week. Your contact paper snowflakes are adorable!


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