My Life of Travels and Adventures: Changes & Mommy/Tot School

Changes & Mommy/Tot School

06 January 2014

With 2014 comes some new changes for our little family… I will officially become a stay-at-home Mom.  Scary.

2013 has been full of big and exciting changes for us… Selling out house, moving to NY, me working part-time from home, Neil starting a business and me working my last day after 8 ½ years with this company.  

I am really glad that I had this slow transition into being a full-time stay at home mom.  I think going from working full-time to being at home full-time with Reid would have been too big of a shock for me.  Now after 6 months of working part-time, I am ready for the change.  I think.

But this big change came with some questions and concerns… Like what does one do with a 2 year old?  All day, every day.  Play dates and children’s museum?  Not possible around here. 

See that move to NY put us in the middle of no where.  Literally.  Now instead of having 3 targets, 2 malls and a bajillion kid activities within 10 minutes of us, there is well nothing.  I mean our town has a “park” by some standards...  4 swings, the 2 scariest and oldest slides ever, and some dirt… but other than that and waiting to cross at the blinking light, there is nothing to do.  We have 1 target about a 45 minute drive away, if I drive 45 minutes in the other direction there is a kohls and the 1 childrens museum is about 35 minutes away.  So yeah.  Not happening everyday. 

We have been heading to a local 12 minute drive story time once a week and I plan on going to another 8 minute drive story time once a week also.  So I have 2 hours of the 50 hours Neil will be out of the house each week accounted for… 

Which leads me back to my original question… What does one do with a 2 year old all day every day?  And how to stay at home mom’s keep their sanity?

So I got to searching on google, pinterest and across a few blogs which all lead me to the idea Mommy/Tot School.  Interesting concept but I am pretty sure me 2 year old is not going to sit through a school session. 
Then I actually read the blog post, followed the google links and clicked through from pinterest and discovered that my idea of Mommy/Tot School was completely  wrong.  Like nothing what everyone else is doing.  No one has this perfect 2 year old that will sit through a school lesson.  But that at this age learning and schooling is all about short, fun games and activities. 

The more I searched and read and learnt, the more intriqued I became with this idea.  I am not sure that everything I read I am going to implement.  But I did gather a few ideas and concepts that I am excited to put into play with Reid. 

I think with a little planning on my part each week, that we could have fun with this idea of Mommy/Tot School. Hopefully this idea will help with my transition into being home full-time. 

Also, every so often (possibly weekly or biweekly) I will be sharing the ideas and “lessons” that did at Mommy/Tot School.

Any tips for transitioning into being a Stay At Home Mom?

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  1. I love the ideas I see when moms do tot school. I'm sure you will do it wonderfully!

  2. What part of NY? It sounds like my friends who live near Jamestown. If you are close, I can put you into contact with my friend who is having baby 7. I'm sure she knows whatever options out there. Congrats on the new change.

  3. I think this is great! It is difficult being home with the kids at times. I work full time but am blessed to occasionally get some time off during the week with them! There are lots of activities you can do that cater to their age! One great thing to do is create themes....i.e. spend a week focused on bugs. Ideally....if you can find the right time for your toddler that will give you the maximum amount of attention span from him that'd be great! For mine it's around 8:30 am. He will have watched his cartoon, played a little inside and ate breakfast. Then we will sit down for a structured activity at the table (craft, painting, coloring...ect!). I get normally 30 minutes out of him from this so I make sure everything is always prepared in advance! Then we head outside for playtime! Let them run out energy! Leave this time for random play. You see the idea is that they just did something structured so now they do something unstructured. We play until snack time 10:30 and then clean up after snack and read a story and lay down for nap! You can find lots of stories online that follow the theme you're working with for the week. In the afternoon, after nap you can again try a physically structured activity. Something that involves them moving but still following directions!

    I think you'll do great! I worked in a creche and my Ma still does (actually opening her own next month) so if you need some ideas just email me!!! Good luck!


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