My Life of Travels and Adventures: 2013 Running Recap

2013 Running Recap

13 January 2014

As I sat down to write my New Year's Resolutions for 2014, I realized that for the last 4 years, running more has been on my list.  
I started running in the fall of 2010 with a modified c25k program, I ran into the summer of 201l. I even ran my first half marathon a few weeks after finding out I was pregnant with Reid.  Hello Morning Sickness!  In 2012, I did very little running.  Very little. 

In 2013, I picked back up on my running.  Somewhat. 

I thought I would write a recap on my 2013 running. 

January - 6.92 miles
4 runs in January
Longest run: 2.88 miles

February - 13.04 miles
6 runs in February
Longest run: 4.4 miles with the stroller

March - 5.81 miles
2 runs in March
Longest run: 3.05 miles

April - 6.59 miles
3 runs in April
Longest run: 3.15 miles

May - 23.29 miles
2 runs in April
Longest run: 13.29 miles - My second half marathon

June - 2.77 miles 
1 run in June
Longest run: 2.77 miles

July - 26.81 miles 
8 runs in July
Longest run: 7.28 miles

August - 18.74 miles 
5 runs in August
Longest run: 6.30 miles - First 10k with the stroller

September - 30.86 miles
4 runs in September
Longest run: 13.17 miles - The Mighty Niagara Half Marathon in the rain

October - 2.33 miles
1 run in October

November and December - No running

2013 Totals
Total Mileage: 137.16 miles
Total Runs: 36 runs

 For 2014, I want to double that mileage and finish the year with 300 miles.  
I also want to run at least once per week... starting after we are out of this deep freeze. 
I want to train properly.  
I want to actually train.  

I have already signed up for 2 half marathons (end of May and end of September) and need to properly train for these. 
2013 was the year of not training.  Not running enough.  Not being properly prepared for the race. Not running enough. 
2014 will be different.

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