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09 December 2013

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What I am about to tell you may be shocking.  Up until four months ago, I did not have a smart phone.  Yeah.  I held out.  For a long time.  But then a deal came along and I caved.  And, well, now... I am converted.  How did I ever live without my iphone?  And apps?  Apps for everything.  Apps I had no clue about.  Like the Walgreens Mobile App

In my pre-smart phone world, I just thought everyone used paper calendars and wrote themselves notes and reminders and lists.  Okay, I still do this for somethings. 
I thought other people just remembered things... like refilling their child's prescriptions before giving the last dose.  

Now I know.  I know everyone's secrets.  Smart phones and mobile apps.  I was totally missing out and stressed for no reason.  
#WalgreensApp #Shop #cbias
Thanks to the world of of smart phones and apps, there is no reason for me to be frantically calling in for an immediate prescription refill.  Yes, there is an app for that. 
There is no need for sticky notes on the bathroom mirror reminding me to give Reid his medicine.  Or take my vitamin.  There is an app for that. 
There is no need for me to rely on google to answer my medication questions.  There is an app for that.  
#WalgreensApp #Shop #cbias
The Walgreens Mobile App does all of that plus so much more. 
 I love that you can set reminders to take your medication at certain times and certain intervals.  I have reminders set for everyone in the family.  
#WalgreensApp #Shop #cbias
My absolute most favorite part of the Walgreens Mobile App is the pharmacy chat.  You can chat with the pharmacy anytime.  24 hours a day.  The ease and convenience of this is amazing.  
I know as a new first time Mom, there were a couple nights where I was up googling the side effects of Reid's antibiotics.  Or trying to double and triple check that I was about to give him the correct dosage of tylenol.  To have the ability to confirm medication, side effects and dosage... Awesome!  I could have slept better... Or as well as one can when still being awoken every 2-3 hours by a baby... All night. 
#WalgreensApp #Shop #cbias
I can pretty much manage my entire families medication and pharmacy needs via my os so smart, smart phone and the Walgreens Mobile App. Okay, really...  How did I remember and manage anything before having a smart phone.  I was so old school.  Or just old?

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  1. Super nice!!!! I honestly still don't a smart phone. Maybe one of these days I'll cave ;)

    xoxo heather

  2. I wish the pharmacy chat had been around when my oldest was a baby. I'm sure that would have saved me a fortune in copays! #client