My Life of Travels and Adventures: 10 Reasons why being a Traveling Working Mom is Good

10 Reasons why being a Traveling Working Mom is Good

27 December 2013

Written December 10th - 
I am writing this post from an airplane headed to Denver, CO for a business trip.  My last business trip.  

It is a bitter sweet trip.  I enjoyed traveling for work. I got to travel to around 30 different states and 3 different countries.  I traveled for 5 years before Reid was born and loved every second of it. 

Now that there is a little one at home… I have not been looking forward to traveling.  I want to be there to put him to bed each night.  I want to be there when he wakes and calls for Mommy in the morning.  I don’t want to miss anything.  

I have been a traveling working mom while working both full-time and part-time.  I have been a traveling working mom while Reid was in daycare and stayed with family.  I have done it.

Yeah, it sucks to leave your child sometimes.  But if you have to you might as well relax and enjoy it.  Trust me.   You might come home to a whiny toddler, a stack of dishes, laundry baskets overflowing with dirty clothing and toys everywhere… Then you will wish you had another night away.  Trust me on that too. 

So as I fly head off for a couple nights alone I thought I would share 10 good things about being a Traveling Working Mom. 

10 reasons being a Traveling Working Mom is good:
  1. You get a break from your child.  A legitimate break.  Not closing the door to the bathroom and spending a few minutes alone.  You are away.  There will be no pitter patter of little feet outside the door and you will not hear Mommy 10,000 times.  You are away.  Alone. 
  2. You can get into a vehicle without buckling, adjusting and double checking car seat straps. You can walk right up to the car and get in!
  3. You get to sleep.  Alone.  All night.  AND You get to wake up at your desired wake-up time.  You get the entire bed to yourself.  No snoring husband, no whining dogs, no purring cats, no toddler feet kicking you all night… Alone.  Upon entering my Marriott room, I always lay on the made bed... Alone and enjoy it. 
  4. You can eat a hot meal.  All at once.  As soon as it arrives.  You don’t have to share with little sticky fingers.  You don’t have to move your drink to the far end of the table.  You don’t need to request extra napkins and crayons.
  5. You can watch your TV shows.  Anything you want.  Its like Sprout, Nick Jr and Disney Jr don’t even exist in hotel rooms.  
  6. You don’t need to carry toys and snacks in your purse.  You can fill it with adult things like money, chapstick and gum. 
  7. Your phone can be used as a phone.  To make phone calls.  You don’t need to share it with your child.  You can ignore all those toddler apps on it and stick with facebook and instagram.  For you. 
  8. You can read a book.  Without pictures.  That doesn’t rhyme.  
  9. You can relax.  Some.  
  10. You get to enjoy a new city.  New restaurants, new people, new sights...  Sure, I will go to Las Vegas for a training, San Diego for a conference sounds fun. 
When I traveled I always tried to see at least one sight/attraction in each city.  The beaches in Florida, the Strip in Las Vegas, The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the whales in San Diego. 

Thanks to conveniently located Marriott's I was always close to the sights.  Marriott International is a leading hospitality company with over 3,800 properties in over 74 countries and territories around the world.

Marriott now offers these handy infographics for various different cities.  I had no idea that it can take a newborn whale 30 minutes to learn how to swim... Always learning!

San Diego Whale Watching in America's Finest City - An infographic by the team at Marriott San Diego Hotels
I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Definitely positives for traveling for work. I always thought I would like to have a job that allowed me to travel. I love to see different parts of the country!


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