My Life of Travels and Adventures: Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

20 November 2013

I saw this on Pinterest way back when Reid was a newborn and knew I needed one.  

I actually started this way back before Reid's First Birthday Party... but it took a year and a move later for me to finally get around to finishing it.  

1 -  8-10in x 6ft Board
Clear Coat

1. Stain board.  Staining was the easy part.  Selecting the color for the stain proved to be much harder. 
2. Once the stain was dry (or in my case... 6 months later), using a pencil mark off your inch marks.  I started with the bottom of the board being 6 inches... So the board would not be sitting on the floor but hanging above the baseboards on the wall.
(I did 1" marks on inches 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11, 1.5" marks on inch 3 and 9, 2 inch marks at the 6 inch mark and 2.5inch marks at the foot markings... If that makes sense).

3. Draw the numbers at the foot markings.  Again, I did this using pencil first.
4.  Trace over the pencil using a permanent marker and fill in the numbers.    I went with black for the traditional ruler look.
5. Seal with a clear coat (or two) and let dry completely.  (My dried for several weeks before we got around to hanging it up).

6.  To hang, we used these little picture hanging hardware straps.  (By we, I mean Neil... in this case).  We used 2 on the top and one on the bottom to hang in the ruler.

 Our ruler starts at 6 inches, which I thought was more than enough to come in overtop of the baseboard.  But not in this particular room.
Since Reid is now almost 2 and we are just getting around to hanging this, I am going to use his measurements from his Dr's appointments and mark off some on the ruler.

PS: I had a hard time taking a picture of this hanging.  The room is really small and the light/color of the walls makes everything tinted in photos.  Oh well.

So let's hear it... Where do you measure your children's growth at?  A door jamb, DIY ruler, or the Dr's office?  

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  1. Great idea! We bought rulers for our kids at a craft show this fall to put in their rooms. I love them because they each came with an arrow personalized with their names that we can move with sticky tac.

  2. This turned out great! I haven't measured the kids in a while but usually measure the on the back of their door jam.

  3. Love this!! I am adding this to my list of projects. Hope mine turns out as good as yours!

  4. This is great. You did a wonderful job with it. It looks perfect.


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