My Life of Travels and Adventures: Holiday Wishlist - Photographer Edition

Holiday Wishlist - Photographer Edition

07 November 2013

I decided to do a Holiday Wishlist Series this year... Revolving around themes happening in my household.   I am always looking for different ideas for all the different people in my life.  So hopefully something will catch your eye in this series.  Happy shopping!

This week let's shop for the Photographer's in your life!

Stocking Stuffers
1. Extra Lens CapsOk, please tell me that I am not the only one who is short a couple lens caps.  Anyone?  They are so easy to misplace.  I take the cap off, set it down somewhere, spend 20 minutes chasing around a toddler for one decent picture and then another 20 looking for that darns lens cap.  Total missing count currently: 1.  Not bad. 
2.Camera Strap:  For Mother’s Day, I got a new camera strap.  I love it.  It is longer than the original and perfect for wearing my camera across my body. 
3. Lens Cap Holder:  Did you read why I need extra lens caps?  See why I need this holder.  This is great.  It slides right onto your camera strap and then you always have a place for your lens cap.  Genius. 
4. Extra Memory Cards:  I have 3 now.  I could go for a couple more.  I number them and rotate through.  But I don’t think you can ever have too many memory cards.
5. LensPens Cleaning Pens: I am yearning over these.  So practical.  So perfect.  So necessary. 
6. Macro Filters:  I have read mixed reviews on macro filters.  But I want some.  I don’t do very much macro work and at this point feel that a macro lens would not be a good investment for me.  But these little guys look so neat.  Just to have on hand incase the need arises. 

From Santa
1. New lens:  If I had to pick one new reasonably priced lens, I think I would want a zoom lens.  I think.  I can see this coming in handy.
2. Card Reader:  Yeah, I know.  I should have one already.  I don’t. I want one though. 3. Editing Software: I am not a professional photographer.  Nor will I ever be.  I don’t have super fancy editing software.  I have PhotoShop Elements. But I do think editing software is a go. 4. Speedlight:  I haven’t used my speedlight that much since our move.  This house has more light coming in.  But I love mine.  I love the ability to redirect the flash. 5. Smugmug Subscription:  This may seem unnecessary to some.  But I also back my photographs up online. Smugmug is great in that you can upload (and download) full size/resolution photos.   Just in case my computer and hard drive go kaput together.  6. External Hard Drive:  As often as I see people moaning on facebook about loosing all their photos, this is a great investment.  Once a month, I move all my pictures to the external hard drive as a back up.  Just in case my computer goes kaput. 7. Camera Bag:  I have the Jo’s Totes, XXX bag.  I absolutely love it.  I searched through all sorts of camera bags to find the perfect one. It is the perfect size to hold my camera with lens, speedlight, 2 extra lenses, extra memory cards, charger, cables, and a snack!

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  1. Great round-up! I actually just ordered my first DSLR so this was very beneficial!

  2. This is a great idea. My husband loves his DSLR so now I have ideas!


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