My Life of Travels and Adventures: Holiday Wish List - Runner's Edition

Holiday Wish List - Runner's Edition

14 November 2013

Another week... Another Wish List.  

This week we are talking about Runners.  
For the Stocking:
1.  Leg Compression Sleeves or Compression Socks - These are like the best things ever.  After a long run (or walk or day around the house with a toddler), compression socks are the best.  Like a nice leg message.  Yummy!
2.  Ponytail Headband - This was a random buy while at Target in Omaha.  Random, yeah.  Good thing.  Yes.  I love that it has a spot for my ponytail.  Great.
3.  Running Socks  - I only run when wearing certain socks.  I hate the way normal socks rub all funny.    Running socks are great!
4.  iPhone Armband - Okay, I don't have one of these.  I don't run while listening to music so my phone is either in the stroller or running belt.  But if I did listen to music this would be perfect.
5.  Body Glide - Again, never used it.  But heard great things about it.  (I just wear enough clothing to cover everything that may rub!)
6.  Running Belt - I love mine.  These things stretch and hold so much.  An iphone, keys, chapstick, money and more...

From Santa:
1.  Foam Roller - This is another one of those things that runners love and I have never used.  I hear they help so much but again no personal experience.  Although next year I may be ordering one for all my training.
2.  BOB Stroller - Holy Moly, I love this thing.  Like almost more than my husband.  (Sorry Neil).  Running and pushing a 30lb kid in this and honestly, its not really that hard.  (Well the running is but pushing the toddler isn't.)  If you have a kid and plan on running, then buy a BOB!  Really!
3.  Running Shoes - Runners are particular on their shoes.  And go through them quickly.
4.  Subscription to Runners World - This is a great magazine for runners.  If your runner doesn't have a subscription then get them one.  They will appreciate it.
5.  Hydration Belt - I loved this when I was training for my half's.  Perfect for carrying some water, gatorade and a little snack.
6.  Garmin - Okay.  Every runner needs a Garmin.  Like for real.  Yeah, there are apps for your phone that can do most of this stuff but a Garmin is like 110% better.  For real.

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