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Alphabet Board - Toddler Teaching

25 November 2013

I try really really really hard not to compare Reid to other children.  Especially other children his own age.  But it is hard.

He barely said 5 words at 18 months but the little boy at Story Time knew his shapes... And they are the same age.  Yes, I may have asked Google if he was behind at that point.  Yeah.  I compared Reid and doubted me and him.  Stop doing that. 

Know that Reid's attention span is longer than 3 seconds and he will sit relatively still for a minute or two... I have started "teaching" him more things.  I guess I have been teaching and he has been learning all along.  But now I mean "school" things.  Letter's included.
When we moved, I painstakingly removed the Alphabet Wall from Reid's nursery.  I spent way too much of my pregnant time on those letters and am attached to them.  Once we moved in here and set up Reid's playroom, I knew I wanted to take the letters and make another Alphabet Wall for Reid.

I started our with an old piece of of plywood, painted it, sealed it... Had plans to make a frame and attached the letters... But never got around to it.  Now the space in his play room for the Alphabet Wall has been filled.  But I still needed those letters in this house.
So I made a Magnetic Alphabet Board...

One large oil drip pan.  Neil actually had this, unused, in the garage. 
Colored Duct Tape
Large Magnets
Letters.  Letters that were assembled with love.  Lots of hours of love.  
Hot Glue

1. I used the colored duct tape and made a boarder around the edge.  This was more of a necessity in our case than decorative.  Our 10 year old Oil Drip Pan had some 10 year old crud in the crevices that I could not get out.  

2.  Next I hot glued these large magnets to the back of each of my finished letters.  These are the wooden letters I used.  I also had the best luck with these large magnets.  I tried small, thinner magnets but several of them were not strong enough to hold one letter. 

3. The Pan is attached to the wall with the velcro picture hanger command strips.

4.  Enjoy.
Several times a day, Reid will go over to the Alphabet Board and pick out and point to letters.  I will ask him to show me different letters and will point out some letters to him also. 

When we first hung up this board... about 4 weeks ago.  Reid could recognize the letters C and O.  After 4 weeks of playing with his Alphabet Board he recognizes 14 letters.   (B, C, D, G, K, M, N, O, P, R, T, V, Y, Z)

Oh and because Neil complains that he doesn't always get credit in these types of post... Neil did hold the every so light pan to the wall for placement and while the command strips were applied.  He also arranged the letters for these pictures... All while sitting in a tiny chair.  Tiny chair, big man, too funny not to photograph.  So thank you Neil!

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  1. Lol this is so cute and your hubsy deserve all the credits for his hard work.
    I do love your blog.


  2. Very cute! Isn't it amazing how smart kids are :-) Love the photo of Neil!

  3. I had to dig around to find this post because I am totally doing it with Dexter's board this week! Love it!


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