My Life of Travels and Adventures: Stuffed Pepper & Rice Soup

Stuffed Pepper & Rice Soup

11 October 2013

Neil sent me this recipe and requested it.  
It was a instant hit!

Stuffed Pepper & Rice Soup

2 lb. ground beef 1 small onion, diced 1 large bell pepper, diced 1 (10 oz) can diced tomatoes
2 (15 oz) can tomato sauce 1 (14 oz) can chicken broth 
2.5 cups cooked rice 1 tsp. garlic powder


1. Brown beef in a large pan. Add chopped onion and pepper to the beef and cook.
2. Drain excess grease.
3. Meanwhile, cook rice.
4. Add tomato sauce, chicken broth, beef, garlic powder, diced tomatoes and cooked rice to a large pot.
5. Stir well.
6. Cover and let soup simmer over medium head for 30 minutes.
7. Enjoy!

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  1. oh dear me, this looks delicious!

  2. This looks so delicious! I can't wait to try it!

  3. Found this on Pinterest the other day and had to try it!!! Just got done tasting, and it is wonderful... I used 2 small peppers and added a bit of salt... but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing!! Thanks for this great treat on a cold winter afternoon! Julie


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