My Life of Travels and Adventures: Kitchen Helper - Toddler Step Stool

Kitchen Helper - Toddler Step Stool

21 October 2013

I love pinterest.  I mean, who doesnt?  My husband.  

Let me set the scene:  

Un beknownst to Neil: Krystal, while browsing pinterest one evening finds an awesome projects and needs it.
Neil makes a shopping list for lumber at lowes.  Krystal adds to that list. 
One afternoon, Neil starts cutting lumber for his projects. 
Krystal asks for a few cuts also. 
Neil cuts and assembles Krystal’s project. 

See, I love pinterest.  Neil not so much. 

Lots of ramblings up there.  What this post is really about is a kitchen helper.  Yeah, I had no idea either until that evil pinterest and that fateful night. 

It is basically, a big, adjustable, enclosed step stool for toddlers and preschoolers.

Think… no more standing on the chair at the kitchen counter for your kids.  

See what I needed one. 

Did I sell you yet?  If you look around the interwebz for one… well they are expensive. 

So to make one yourself you only need:

Shopping List
  • Wood
    • 1 – 1×8, 8 feet long
    • 4 – 1×2, 8 feet long
    • 1 – 1×3, 8 feet long
  • 1 1/4" Screws
  • Paint
  • Wood Glue
  • Sandpaper
They are quite easy to make.  But the instructions look complicated.  
We made a couple changes...

We did not cut the arches for the top, but instead have straight support bars.  
We also added one additional rung so that the platform can be raised higher for my little guy.  
Neil cut and assembled the everything for me. 
I sanded it quickly and painted it glassy white. 
It works perfectly.  We put chair sliders on the bottom so that Reid can slide this around the kitchen. 
Reid loves being at the counter and helping with dinner, dishes, etc...
I love that he is safe.  
I don't have to worry about him falling off a step stool or tipping over.  

Of course the kitchen helper comes with added benefits...

like holes...
And being a fort...
This was definitely a worth while project for us.  We all love it!

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  1. So cool! What a great idea! Pinning it in case I can get my husband to build one. ;-)

  2. This is just what I'm looking for!! I don't have the ability to make all the cuts myself so I would need Home Depot too. Are you able to be more specific as to what size each of those pieces need to be cut down too?


  3. Hi! Stumbled across this and would love to see what it looks like, but the images are no longer available!! Is there someone who could look into that? Thank you! Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for letting me know. It seems to have been some issue with viewing from a mobile device. I believe it is fixed now. Sorry about that.



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