My Life of Travels and Adventures: Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

07 October 2013

Now that it is finally October, I am excited that can get my Halloween decorations out!
First up was a wreath for the front door.  Before we always had a giant foam ghost cutout on the front door but he seems to have been lost in the move.  So this yeah, I set about making a new Halloween wreath.  

Foam Wreath
Black Foam Sheets
Hot Glue


1.  Wrap the wreath in yarn.  I hot glued the both ends of the yarn to wreath.  This step took forever.  Like I considered just painting the wreath about half way through and calling it good enough. 

2. Cut out cute bats from the black foam sheets and make a crease in the middle to give depth.   I made a couple larger and a couple smaller bats. 

3.  Hot glue the bats to the wreath.  I placed a grouping of the large bats together.  

4. Wrap more yarn around the wreath to make a hook.  (Oops forgot about how to hang it before.)  Once I had the yarn wrapped I didn't like that it was orange... So I hot glued the little bats onto the yarn handle. 

5.  Hang on the door and admire. 
Even looks okay from the inside. 


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1 comment :

  1. It turned out super cute Krystal. Can you come decorate for me ... oh wait .. I'm between houses.
    So can you come over and help me go big for Thanksgiving?

    This moving thing is killing me! Literally!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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