My Life of Travels and Adventures: Race Bib & Medal Holder

Race Bib & Medal Holder

26 September 2013

Way back over the summer, it was Kerrie's Birthday.  I searched high and low for the "perfect" present and couldn't find anything just right for her.  Disappointingly, there were no decent broadway shows in Buffalo.  So I got creative (somewhat). 

Kerrie has been running since last fall(ish) and running races since February (Her first race, she came in 3rd in her age group.  My first race, I came in last.)

She ran Broad Street with me, we ran the Buffalo Half Marathon this past May, the Erie County 5k and the Tops 10k.

I wanted something for her to keep her race bibs in and a way to display the race medals.  

* Piece of wood.  I used a 
* Paint - (This is actually paint we used for some of the nursery projects)
* Hooks

I quickly painted two coats green onto the wood one afternoon. 

While the paint was drying, I printed off a template for the words.

  I just used Pages on my computer and played around with the fonts and spacing until it was something that I liked. 

Next, I traced the outline of each letter onto the wood with a pen.  

This left a little indent around each letter.  I then painted in each and every letter.  This took forever.  

Next up was adding the hooks for the bibs and metals.  

These were supposed to be screwed in but I could only get them to go in so far.  

I suppose if I would have predrilled a hole it would have been easier, but I just screwed them as far as I could, then tapped them with a hammer. 

Of course, I tried it out with my race bib and a couple of my metals before wrapping it up for Kerrie. 

I love how it turned out and Kerrie says she loves it.  

It only took her 2 months to realize that I spelt kilometers wrong.  Ooops.  

I have been thinking of making one for myself.... Now that I got all my spelling woopsies out of the way.  
Do you have medals?  How do you display them?

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  1. This is so neat! My son is a runner- 5K's and 10K's mostly. But I so want to make him one of these! :)

  2. What size wood did you use?


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