My Life of Travels and Adventures: Fall Wreath and Decor

Fall Wreath and Decor

24 September 2013

This past week, I have been slowly dragging out our fall decorations.  However, I quickly realized that we do not have many fall items but a lot of halloween stuff.  I just can't display jack-o-lanterns and such yet... we are making due with some minor fall decor. 

Our front door needed a fall wreath and since I couldn't find the one I made last year (packed away somewhere among moving boxes still), I quickly made a new fall wreath.
This was so simple.  I just took a few "fall" colored flowers and twisted their stems through the wreath.  
For the hook, I took a roll of this burlap ribbon I had and just twisted it around the wreath.  I secured the ends with some safety pins and called it a day. 
Simple.  No sewing, no glueing... Nothing really. 

The buffet in our kitchen/dining room has been adorned with mini pumpkins galore (and apple candles!)... 
That is the extent of our fall decorating.  

How do you decorate for fall?  When do you start putting out Halloween decorations?  Late- September is too early, right?

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  1. I usually have a strict October 1st rule when it comes to Halloween decorations but I couldn't sleep a couple of nights ago so I broke my rule! I definitely need more fall decorations though!

  2. With the exception of the Halloween Mickey window clings my son insisting on putting up, our Halloween decorations don't go up until October 1. I have definitely decked the house out with the rest of our fall decorations though.


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