My Life of Travels and Adventures: The Perfect End Table

The Perfect End Table

28 August 2013

The living room in our rental house is nice.  It is big.  It has a lot of natural light.  It's just with the doors, windows and heating unit… we are limited with seating arrangements.  

Limited… as in… the couch will only fit in one place.  Butted against the wall. Just a sliver of room next to it. 


I resigned that our glasses would just sit in the kitchen or on the window sill.  (Reid uses the ottoman for playing).  


From across the top of my Grandpa’s garage I spotted him.  Perfect in every a few ways.
Not in the best shape but workable. 

My Grandma used to restore and paint old furniture she found on the cheap… so I figured this little guy was one of her unfinished projects.  But he was actually built by my Grandpa when he was in his teens.  

So, this little guys is actually a little old guy.  We are talking around 50 years old.  
Imperfections forgiven. 

One afternoon, me and my old yellow man spent some quality time together in the garage. 
He got a nice allover sanding.  I quickly uncovered his unpleasant surprise.   Wallpaper under his top coat. 

Thank goodness, it was only the very top that was covered in wallpaper. 
Between peeling and sanding I was able to remove most of the wallpaper.  What was left was on tight and smooth. 

Oh yeah, old bald yellow man needed another leg.  Literally.  What was weird is that the rounded end never had a leg on it… So when anything was set past the second leg, he tipped.  

Neil cut and attached a small scrap of wood for the third and stabilizing leg.
I found a small can of semi-glass black paint among the random boxes from out garage. 
Old wobbly took two coats to paint.   
He went from teal and yellow to sleek and black.  

I found this knob on the clearance rack at wal-mart.  Score.  

He fits perfectly next to our couch and we finally have a place to set our drinks.  Woot!
PS: Let's be realistic... I have a toddler.  He knocked everything off the end table as soon as I let go of him.  So now it holds, toys, books and binkies until he goes to bed.

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  1. I love refinishing old furniture! I refinished an old dresser for my daughter that was mine as a kid but was originally my mom's!

  2. Nice job Krystal! That was actually mine, I painted and decoupaged it for my room. Many, many years ago. If I had to guess it would be about 40 years ago and it definitely wasn't new then. It turned out really nice, glad you have it and will enjoy it.


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