My Life of Travels and Adventures: Cheerio Bird Feeder

Cheerio Bird Feeder

12 July 2013

Today, I am guest posting over at Sowdering About...

When Randi (a fellow January 2012 Mom) asked if I was interested in participating in her Kid's Summer Craft Camp, I said Yes!   Then, I realized I am not nearly as crafty as Randi... as you will see when you keep reading... but I try.

First off a few points about this project:

  • I have an 18 month old son, Reid.
  • Reid destroys everything
  • Reid also eats everything
Now, keep those three points in mind when reading about the craft project.

I decided to try our hand at making bird feeders.  I had grand plans of slathering pines cones in peanut butter and rolling them in bird seed... Then I thought it through.  1.  What if Reid eats the peanut butter and is allergic?  2.  What if Reid eats the bird seed?  I realized that project was kaput before it even began. 

So attempt #2 at bird feeders:


  1. Super cute idea! I accidentally bought plain cheerios and need to use them for something.

  2. What a fab idea! So going to do this with the kids. Thanks for sharing!! xx

  3. Such a great idea. So simple too! Do the birds love it?

  4. Interesting. Do the birds actually eat the cheerios?

    Barbara @

  5. Very cute. I bet my youngest would love to try this craft. He loves to watch birds. Thanks for sharing, visiting from SITS!

    Tanya @

  6. Hi, I love the Cheerio feeder idea. I am glad I met you on the Bloglovin Hop.

  7. Great idea! I'm interested to know if the birds actually eat them, as well. We did this with fruit loops awhile ago and the birds didn't eat them. However, we did not hang them from a tree, we hung it from our deck.

  8. Super cute! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!


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