My Life of Travels and Adventures: Toddler Approved - Travel Tips - Quick Outing Edition

Toddler Approved - Travel Tips - Quick Outing Edition

13 June 2013

In some aspects, I feel like having a toddler is easier and others... well not so much.  

Running to the store with a toddler in tow can be...
Easy or Hard. It all depends on his mood. 

I try to anticipate his needs and carry the bare minimum.  

My new carry-all bag (which was on my Mother's Day list... Thanks hubby!) fits everything perfectly!
I carry a small A Goo Baby Diaper Pouch with 2/3 diapers, a small pack of wipes and a couple disposable sticky placemats.  
I also have a snack for Reid.  I love these munchkin snack cups... Perfect for when Reid throws them out of the cart. 
This particular day Reid had these Super Simple Baby Muffins in his cup.  He still loves these muffins and they are soooo simple to make for Momma. 

Final item that is always carried... some water.   An essential of my carry-all bag is a side pocket that fits a water cup for easy access.  
I always carry this stuff when Reid is with me.  

Most of the time I carry a binky also.  

What do you always bring for your kids? Any tips for me as he gets older?

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  1. I LOVE the diaper and wipe holder.. I can seriously see that as being very convenient! :)

  2. It's been a good decade since I've had to tote around a diaper bag and this is just so much cooler than anything I had! Very nice and even fashionable. They've come a long way since my children were born!

  3. Everything on your list is exactly what I carry with me every time I leave the house! I might add infant ibuprofen because she is teething now. :)

  4. Oh this is such lovely mama stuff ;)

  5. Im not a mom yet, but when I become one I think I want that diaper and wipes holder!! lol

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