My Life of Travels and Adventures: Toddler Approved - 11 Books My 16 Month Toddler Loves

Toddler Approved - 11 Books My 16 Month Toddler Loves

30 May 2013

I have been slowly catching up on my book reviews… So I thought I would give you some thoughts on Reid’s favorite books currently. (And our favorites to read him). 

  1. Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea - Current favorite.  We read it way too often.  It is a really cute book though.  Rhyming.  Just enough words on each page.  Nice pictures.  Cute story. 
  2. Commotion in the Ocean - After the love for Rumble in the Jungle we bought this book.  It pushed it brother out.  Lots of rhyming.  Lots of words.  But he sits through them all most of the time. 
  3. One Pup's Up -  Nice Simple Book.  Simple pictures.
  4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Old favorite.  Still read too often.  We all like it. We also know it from memory.  I keep a smaller version in the diaper bag.
  5. Little Blue Truck  - Cute story.  Again the right amount of words per page to hold his and our interest.  Rhyming.  Actually has a moral to is.  We like it.  
  6. Doggies  - I think this is a favorite only for the fact that Neil goes all out in his dog sounds.
  7. Moose Tracks - We use to read this a lot more. Lots of rhyming.  Sometimes he doesn’t sit through all the words on a page. 

Momma’s Pick - I Love You Through and Through or Love You Forever- Get my theme?
Daddy’s Pick - Hippos Go Berserk - Daddy can recite this book (Even though Reid is sleeping right now, Neil is reciting this book to me as I type this.)

What is your favorite Children’s Books? Any good ones for a 15 month old who loves books? 

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