My Life of Travels and Adventures: Tips and Advice on Breasting Feeding and Pumping

Tips and Advice on Breasting Feeding and Pumping

09 May 2013

Before Reid was born, I knew I wanted to breastfeed him.  For how long? I wasn't sure.  Really, I wanted more than anything to make it to a year.  
Ultimately, I made it 14+ months breastfeeding. Reid never had formula.  Never needed it.  
Although, I did have a few sample tubes in the back of the cupboard. I would have used in a heartbeat if I needed to.
   Breastfeeding was important to me but not more important than providing my son with food.

We had our struggles.  Lots of tears were shed. But we survived.  

So without further ado some advice...
  • Do what is right for you Breast milk or formula or both.  Do what works for you.
  • Ask for help.  Ask for help from the nurses at the hospital.  Ask for help from the lactation consultant.  Ask for help from your family.  Attend a breastfeeding group (I loved going to mine).  Call the La Leche Leaque. Ask your pediatrician.  Check out kellymom.  Ask other moms.  If you have a question, just ask.  There are a lot of breastfeeding support groups, so look around. 
  • It hurts. The pain goes away though.  Expect sore nipples and uterus contractions while nursing.  Random: Nursing made me have to pee... Every single time.
  • You will leak.  That is about as much fun as it sounds.
  • Invest in a few Nursing Tanks.  Target carries some nice ones. 
  • Don't watch the clock.  If your baby is fussing and rooting... nurse them.  They nurse often for the first few months.  Go with it.  
  • Relax. You and the baby are both learning.
  • Water.  Lots and lots of water.  Drink a glass each and every time you nurse.
  • Eat.  It is so easy to forget to eat in those first few weeks.  Make sure you do.
  • Everyone will have a different experience. 
  • Remember Practice Makes Perfect.
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  1. I love this! I'm due in less than 4 weeks, and I do plan on breastfeeding. I've heard MOST of what you mentioned, but it's great to see it in writing all in one place. And I'll check out your other breastfeeding posts! I'm going to just email this link to myself now.... :)

  2. Great advice! I am still nursing my little one. She is 13 months.

  3. This is a great post! I nursed my little one for 10 months until she gave it up on her own...all of these tips are helpful for new moms! I agree too, the support is key! It helped me to have "mommy friends" who you could talk to about BFing!

  4. this is great advice! i am due in the middle of august with my second daughter and am planning on nursing. i only lasted a few months with my first but would like to go longer. i was inexperienced and didn't use the resources that were available. i know different now! thanks for this post, girl!!

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  8. I agree with all your tips, good post!

  9. Brings back memories. Great tips. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Comprehensive! Good post. My daughter had to pump and then feed her special needs baby with a bottle. She did that for 18 months! What a trooper! Take care, Linda

  11. Great post, so much useful stuff here - do share at the breastfeeding link up at The Mommy Archive

    Thank you so much for linking up at the Friday Baby Shower - look forward to seeing you at this week's party, Alice x


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