My Life of Travels and Adventures: May 2013

Finger Print Key Chains

31 May 2013

Supplies: (Under $10)
Oven Bake Clay 
Metallic Paint 
Key Chain Rings
Small Jewelry Rings
Heart Jewels


1. Roll out oven back clay and cut into hearts.  (This would have been a lot easier if I had not packed up my small heart cookie cutter). 
2.  Press little finger prints into each heart.  (I thought Reid would not enjoy this at all, but he did really well for all the hearts).  Also, poke a small hole in each.   

3. Bake according to the instructions. 

4.  Cool & Paint.  I used metallic paint in three different colors (Red, Dark Gray and Light Gray).  I took 3 coats on the front and 2 on the back for complete coverage. 
5. Once the paint dried, I put a small jewelry ring through each heart.  

6.  I also placed 2/3 heart jewels onto another small jewelry ring. 

7.  The final step was to feed both small jewelry rings through the keychain.  

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Toddler Approved - 11 Books My 16 Month Toddler Loves

30 May 2013

I have been slowly catching up on my book reviews… So I thought I would give you some thoughts on Reid’s favorite books currently. (And our favorites to read him). 

  1. Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea - Current favorite.  We read it way too often.  It is a really cute book though.  Rhyming.  Just enough words on each page.  Nice pictures.  Cute story. 
  2. Commotion in the Ocean - After the love for Rumble in the Jungle we bought this book.  It pushed it brother out.  Lots of rhyming.  Lots of words.  But he sits through them all most of the time. 
  3. One Pup's Up -  Nice Simple Book.  Simple pictures.
  4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Old favorite.  Still read too often.  We all like it. We also know it from memory.  I keep a smaller version in the diaper bag.
  5. Little Blue Truck  - Cute story.  Again the right amount of words per page to hold his and our interest.  Rhyming.  Actually has a moral to is.  We like it.  
  6. Doggies  - I think this is a favorite only for the fact that Neil goes all out in his dog sounds.
  7. Moose Tracks - We use to read this a lot more. Lots of rhyming.  Sometimes he doesn’t sit through all the words on a page. 

Momma’s Pick - I Love You Through and Through or Love You Forever- Get my theme?
Daddy’s Pick - Hippos Go Berserk - Daddy can recite this book (Even though Reid is sleeping right now, Neil is reciting this book to me as I type this.)

What is your favorite Children’s Books? Any good ones for a 15 month old who loves books? 

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Recipe: Make Ahead Pancakes (and Pancake Mix)

14 May 2013

So ya know my parents have a have a Pancake House and all... Yes they make yummy pancakes there.  

Yes, I have the mix at home. 

Yes, I wanted to make something slightly more healthy for Reid.  So, without further ado...
Oatmeal Pancake Mix

3.5 Cup rolled quick oats, food processed (or oat flour)
5 Cups whole wheat flour
3.5 Tbsp baking powder
1 Tbsp Baking Soda
1 Cup oil

Mix all the dry ingredients together.  The mix can be stored for 2 weeks at room temperature or indefinitely in the refrigerator.
Oatmeal/Yogurt Pancakes

1 Cup Oatmeal Pancake Mix
1/2 Cup Whole Milk Yogurt
3/4 Cup Whole Milk
1 Egg

Mix everything together.  Preheat a griddle or pan and coat with non-stick spray.  Pour batter on griddle and let gook.  Flip when pancake the edges start to dry.  

To Freeze:
Let pancakes cool completely.  Stack and place in freezer bag.  
Yes... Reid loves them.  This is the face I get when he runs out.
Much better with pancakes.
Adapted from recipe found here. 

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Tips and Advice on Breasting Feeding and Pumping

09 May 2013

Before Reid was born, I knew I wanted to breastfeed him.  For how long? I wasn't sure.  Really, I wanted more than anything to make it to a year.  
Ultimately, I made it 14+ months breastfeeding. Reid never had formula.  Never needed it.  
Although, I did have a few sample tubes in the back of the cupboard. I would have used in a heartbeat if I needed to.
   Breastfeeding was important to me but not more important than providing my son with food.

We had our struggles.  Lots of tears were shed. But we survived.  

So without further ado some advice...
  • Do what is right for you Breast milk or formula or both.  Do what works for you.
  • Ask for help.  Ask for help from the nurses at the hospital.  Ask for help from the lactation consultant.  Ask for help from your family.  Attend a breastfeeding group (I loved going to mine).  Call the La Leche Leaque. Ask your pediatrician.  Check out kellymom.  Ask other moms.  If you have a question, just ask.  There are a lot of breastfeeding support groups, so look around. 
  • It hurts. The pain goes away though.  Expect sore nipples and uterus contractions while nursing.  Random: Nursing made me have to pee... Every single time.
  • You will leak.  That is about as much fun as it sounds.
  • Invest in a few Nursing Tanks.  Target carries some nice ones. 
  • Don't watch the clock.  If your baby is fussing and rooting... nurse them.  They nurse often for the first few months.  Go with it.  
  • Relax. You and the baby are both learning.
  • Water.  Lots and lots of water.  Drink a glass each and every time you nurse.
  • Eat.  It is so easy to forget to eat in those first few weeks.  Make sure you do.
  • Everyone will have a different experience. 
  • Remember Practice Makes Perfect.
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