My Life of Travels and Adventures: Super Simple Spring Wreath

Super Simple Spring Wreath

23 April 2013

I jumped on the spring bandwagon recently and decided to get a little crafty...
Enter the Simple, $5, Spring Wreath

I bought this wreath a while back for $3 at Joann's.  After a quick trip to the dollar store, I had two backs of spring flowers for only $2. 
The next part was attaching the flowers.  I took the super simple approach of shoving the wire stems through the wreath and wrapping.  
Overall it took me maybe 5 minutes (really it was like 15 minutes with distractions from the husband and baby)...

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  1. It looks so lovely :)
    I'd like to invite you to join our blog hop Grab A Friend

  2. How pretty! Thanks for the motivation to get a lil crafty! I think my door could use a new wreath too! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Very nice and easy too! My door doesn't have room for a wreath so if I hang anything it has to be really small because of the storm door! Stopping by from Comment Promise Hop!

  4. I really like that! I am always on the hunt for a good seasonal wreath and I love making them! It is so easy to make them, I don't understand why people spend so much money on them!


    The Pinot Project

  5. Love the wreath, so cute! Do you a swap button?

  6. Hi my lovely,

    Thank you so much for joining Friday Chaos – Hope you found some great blogs & gain some awesome new followers.
    Be sure to stop by again soon, don’t be a stranger :)

    I know you said Super Simple but I know I would get it wrong LOL :D

    Lotte xo

  7. That wreath looks so pretty, you did a great job! Love the colors you picked too!

    (stopping by from the comment promise hop)

  8. That's really nice. It's always cool to see what people can come up with in a crafty way. Stopping by via the comment promise hop.

  9. this is beautiful! and it looks totally doable, even for someone who messes up crafts (me!)

  10. I love that wreath! You did a great job!

  11. Hi! I’m your newest follower from Mom’s Monday Mingle. I’m following you via twitter @amomblogdesign. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. I’m also hosting a blog hop this Friday if you would like to join us :) Hope you are having an awesome week.

    April from:
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  12. Aw, it's very sweet. and inviting. I like it a lot :)

  13. Beautiful! I love that you could attach different colored flowers depending on the season or holiday.

  14. Beautiful wreath! I followed you on Pinterest! I am going to pin the wreath for a later project.

  15. Simple, pretty, and I love the color choice. I would totally hang this on my door!
    Anne @

  16. Super cute wreath! I love how it's somehow simple and homey but elegant and beautiful all at the same time!


  17. So simple yet so very pretty! I bought a couple grapevine wreaths yesterday, I might do something like this with one of them.
    Saw you linking at Mums Make Lists
    Debbie :)

  18. Beautiful! I feel like even I could do it! Thanks for linking up at One Organic Mama! Hope to see you back on Thursday morning! Check out the FAB Features from THE Pin it Party #2!!


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