My Life of Travels and Adventures: March 2013

Toddler Easter Basket

31 March 2013

Yeah, its not Reid's first Easter but this year he will be getting his first Easter Basket.  

I knew the Easter Bunny would not be bringing Reid any candy. (Mommy & Daddy eat enough candy as it is.)

So what did the Easter Bunny fill Reid's Easter Basket with?
  • 4 Pairs of PJ's (Hello Target clearance rack!)
  • 2 New Cups
  • 1 Package of Disposable Placemats
  • 1 Package of yogurt bites
  • 1 Box of Applesauce squeeze packs
  • 1 Box of Granola Bars
  • 1 Box of Instant Oatmeal
  • 5 Large Easter Eggs
  • All stuffed into a too tiny Easter Basket bought on clearance last year after Easter. 

To see our Easter Basket's of years past...  2 Year Old Boy Easter Basket and 3 Year Old Boy Easter Basket.

What did the Easter Bunny bring to your family this year?

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The End of Breastfeeding & Pumping

29 March 2013

Its over.  The end.  Kaput. 

I will admit that I expected to continue longer.  I wanted to.  

It just wasn’t in the cards for us.  

We are done breastfeeding.  That Momma & Baby Boy time is over.  

I am done pumping.  Can I get a alleluia?

Why you ask?

I knew in December (11 + months in) that the end was approaching.  Two weeks shy or Reid’s first Birthday, I stopped pumping during the day while at work.  However, he was still nursing at least 3 times a day and getting frozen breast milk the rest of the time.  Somewhere during this time, Reid also started to refuse my right breast and only would nurse on the left (always the better producer).  

Come January and February, I took a couple over night trips for work and pumped while I was away.  I think the first trip I pumped both sides, but the second trip I only pumped the left side.  I was away for 2 days and brought home enough for one sippy cup (about 8/9 oz).  PS: Airport travel with breast milk was easy peasy.

I had two trip planned for March.  Unfortunately, due to weather issues they got reschedule on back to back weeks.  I was away from Tuesday - Thursday the first week and then Monday & Tuesday of the following week.  

I pumped my left side for the first trip.  Less than 1 oz twice a day.  I came home from being away for 3 days with less than 4oz of breast milk.  At that point I was really questioning whether it was worth it too drag a pump, cooler, and parts through 3 different airports and on 4 different flights.  In the back of my mind, I knew I was calling it quits.  

I always thought I would follow Reid’s lead.  If he wanted to nurse, okay.  If not, okay.  

The next morning Reid wanted to nurse.  So he did.  Then he wanted his cup.  Sorry bud their is not much in there.  That evening we were headed out of town.  We packed up the car, the dogs and the baby and headed on our way.  No nursing.  No real demand to nurse.  

Saturday, Reid was easily distracted with his cup in the morning and evening.  Same with Sunday morning.  Sunday evening, I was having some mild breast pain and offered it to Reid.  Relief. 

Monday, I headed out of town.  Without my pump.  With that we were done.  

We had 14+ months of breastfeeding.  Pretty much event free.  No major complications.    No undersupply issues.  No latch issues. Just one bought of oversupply for a week or so and a couple painful weeks at the very beginning.

I know how lucky that is.  I am not trying to brag just telling it how it went.  

I do however wish our breastfeeding days ended differently.  I wish we could have lasted another month or so.  I am being greedy.  I wish we could have made it through the end of the flu season.  I wish Reid was the one to end it.  Not me.  I am feeling selfish.  I guess he was also ready.  He put up no big fuss or demand to nurse.  Oh how that is a huge change.  

I know that breastfeeding made a difference for Reid.  At 7 months old, he was hospitalized for his AutoImmune Neutropenia.  We were told at time he had essentially no immune system.  He made it through one of the worst flu/RSV seasons in history… while attending daycare with all his little germy friends… Healthy.  

So from the bottom of my heart, my deepest thanks go out to my Boobs.  Great Job Girls!  Thanks for all your hard work and keeping my Little Guy healthy and happy! Thanks for the 14 months of milk you produced!

If you are wondering: I am writing this post on Friday.  Pain free.  No cabbage leaves.  No tight wraps.  No cold compress or warm compress.  

Wait is it weird to thank your body parts publicly?

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Toddler Lunches

25 March 2013

I really lucked out with Reid in the food department.  Like, really.  

 You probably know about dislike of vegetables and most fruits and other random finickiness with foods  Well consider Reid the exact opposite.  

He eats pretty much anything.  Meats, Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, Lint, Carpet Fuzz, you name it the boy eats it.  

He is odd.  I admit it.  Sometimes I wonder if he is really mine when he gobbles down everything green in front of him and then whines for more.  Strange boy. 

Anywho... Curious about his lunches?

According to his Daycare Teacher, he eats most of his lunch eat day.  I think there has been on day in the past 2 1/2 months where NO was circled for "Did I eat my lunch?"  Even then, there was a note that he ate everything but didn't eat any meat. 

I *try* to pack him a meat/pasta, 2 vegetables and a fruit/grain/dairy.  I also try to pack him something different than the day before... So no meatballs 2 days in a row or no broccoli 2 days in a row.  (Although he would gobble the broccoli right down.  I told you odd!)

Most days I try to make a little extra dinner and pack it for Reid's lunch the next day.   (Fish sticks, rolls, Mac & Cheese all make good leftovers!).  

As for the actual prepping of his lunches:
  • Meats - 
    • Half is purchased precooked and frozen.  (Turkey meatballs, Precooked chicken breasts, precooked roast beef & turkey)
    • Half is purchased fresh and then we precook it (Ground turkey/chicken into burgers, Chicken breasts,  pork chops)
  • Vegetables - 99% are frozen and cooked in the microwave.
  • Fruits - I keep frozen strawberries, peaches, mangos, pineapples and cherries on hand as a backup but try to keep the fruits fresh.
  • Cheese is purchased shredded and I try* to divide up the bag and freeze. 
  •  Pasta - I have some frozen and then the rest is left over from dinner the night before
There you have it.  How I feed my not-so-picky toddler lunch!

P.S. We use silicone cupcake wrappers to separate his food.  They can be purchased on amazon here. Only $9.99 for 12. 

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Happy Birthday Train Banner

19 March 2013

Remember when my baby turned one.... Oh 2 months ago.... Yeah so about that party.  

I made a cute ole train banner.  Taking inspiration from pinterest.
So super simples.  

The cars and wheels are cut from red and blue construction paper.  I printed off the letters in an outline font and cut each out.... Everything was glued together.  The train's where taped to white ribbon.  

The end!

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Recipe: Flax Seed Freezer Waffles

14 March 2013

I found this recipe on Pinterest a while back and have been making them pretty much ever since.  Perfect for morning with a toddler. 


3 1/4 C Whole Wheat Flour
5 tsp Baking Powder
4 Medium Eggs
3 1/2 C Milk
1 C Flax Meal
2 tsp Vanilla

Optional: 3-4 tsp Cinnamon

1. Mix all ingredients
2. Make into waffles
3. Cool
4. Separate with wax paper, place in baggie and freeze
5. When ready to eat, pop in the toaster and go. 

And since the proof is in the pudding... Here is Reid devouring one of the yummy waffles. 
Original recipe found here. Original recipe includes salt and sugar. 

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