My Life of Travels and Adventures: AutoImmune Neutropenia Part 2

AutoImmune Neutropenia Part 2

04 January 2013

Way back in August Reid was diagnosed with Auto Immune Neutropenia.  Well we have had several trips to the ER (I think 3 more for a total of 5 in 5 months) since then and thankfully no hospitalizations.  

Last weekend we had another round of ear infections.  

Reid came down with a cough over night Wednesday and Thursday nights.  At daycare on Friday, they told us that bronchitis reared its ugly head in the baby ro With Reid having Autoimmune Neutropenia, I knew that it would make its way to us fairly quickly.  

Again Friday night, Reid coughed off and on through the night.  All day Saturday, he was in good spirits and just a few coughing spells.  The cough was a nice wet juicy one and he was drooling up a storm also.  At this point, I could see a tooth bump coming through his gums and chalked everything up to teething. 

Come Sunday morning and Reid woke up with a 101.X fever.  I gave him some tylenol and he was okay.  Again, I figured this fever was teething related.  Sunday morning, we even took some Birthday pictures of Reid.  That afternoon we headed up to the in-laws for Neil’s Birthday dinner.  Once we got there Reid yet again had a fever of 101.X.  I gave him some more tylenol and hoped for the best.  

After Neil and I gobbled down our lunch/dinner, I took Reid’s temperature again… It was up to 102.X after taking tylenol.  I placed a call to the hematologist and we headed into the ER. 

Let me tell you…. CHOP ER was hopping Sunday afternoon around 4:30.  The entire waiting room was full.  I figured we were in for a long night of waiting.  I was right about the long night, wrong about the waiting.  

Since the hematologist, placed a referrel for us with the ER, we skipped the line and waiting, did a quick triage check, waited in out own private room and then headed back to our ER room for the night.  All within 15 minutes of arriving.  Woohoo!

After a quick check, it was determined that Reid had an ear infection in his right ear (again).  

Of course, with the neutropenia, they needed to have blood drawn.  Giving an irritated 11.5 month old an IV was quite the ordeal.  It took 2 nurses and 1 parent to hold down Reid.  The first attempt failed as Reid was quite tensed up.  After that I switched with Neil and he held/talked to Reid while they placed the IV in his other hand. 

We waited for a bit to get the results of his blood work.  Everyone was happy when his ANC was +3500.  The last time Reid was in this situation… ear infection, teething, fever… his count was 0 and we spent 3 day in the hospital.  This time were were given the okay to go home.  Woot!

After some IV antibiotics for the ear infection and several discussions about his cough/lungs we were headed home. 

Monday morning, We had a regularly scheduled hematologist appointment.  It was determined that Reid actually had a double ear infection. Fun!  Again there was more discussion about the medications, ear infections, counts, and his cough/lungs, we had blood drawn and were good to go for 3 more months. 

Reid’s ANC dropped to 650 by Monday morning.  Low.  But not low enough to warrant a hospital stay.  

Story over… Not so much. 

Come Monday evening and Reid had a slight fever and still that persistent coughing. 

Monday night was bad.  I slept with Reid’s feet digging into my chest and the humidifier cranked next to us.  

Tuesday morning Reid was wheezing.  I was supposed to travel for work on Wednesday/Thursday.  I wanted to know that Reid was okay.   So off to the pediatrician we went.  

Come to find out it seems like on top of the double ear infection, Reid has a virus.  So we were sent home on steroids and a nebulizer.  Talk about fun times. 

He was cranky/clingy on Tuesday but his breathing was no worse.  Wednesday morning  he sounded a little better and I headed on my way to Houston. 

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