My Life of Travels and Adventures: Twinkle Lights Pictures: How To

Twinkle Lights Pictures: How To

06 December 2012

I love "twinkle light" pictures.  So for our Christmas card this year we went ahead and had a mini-photoshoot.  
A quick 10 minute set-up with the following...

2 strings of white lights
Masking tape
White Sheet

One afternoon I quickly set up a twinkle light studio in the dining room. 

I used the desk already there and a piece of cardboard to tape up a white sheet.  Then I taped up the christmas lights. 
 See nothing fancy at all..
I used my 50mm lens at f/1.8 and 1/200... due to the lighting in the room I was between ISO 400 and 800 on all the pictures. 
I tried to keep Reid about 3 to 3.5 feet from the backdrop and I moved to the far end of the dining room.
Of course, with a moving baby that was not always possible. 

After a few shots with my test owl, I was ready to get a cute picture for our Christmas Card.
I love this face!

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  1. That is awesome. I wanted to do this but was too lazy to do it.

  2. I might try this! It looks easy enough.

  3. Great easy and affordable tutorial. I will try this for my Christmas portraits. How would you recommend I setup with studio lighting?


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