My Life of Travels and Adventures: Book Review: How to Photograph your Baby

Book Review: How to Photograph your Baby

02 November 2012

Remember a while ago, I mentioned a private photography lesson I had attended.  The lesson itself was really quite helpful.  During the lesson, the teacher  mentioned Nick Kelch's book "How to Photograph your Baby".  So a quick order with Amazon and 2 days later this book arrived at my doorstep. 

According to goodreads... "Everyone with children -- from expectant parents to grandparents -- wants to take clear, beautiful photographs of their kids and, for the first time, Nick Kelsh shows them how to do it in this accessible, easy-to-follow guide.In his introduction, Kelsh explains his successful approach to baby portraiture and the techniques he has developed over the years. Then, through nine beautifully designed, fold-out lessons, photographers of all levels are given a foolproof method of mastering baby portraiture. Each accessible lesson includes instructions, dos and donts, visual examples of good and bad techniques, sidebars, and quick tips.

Essential concepts covered include: mastering the close-up, utilizing natural light, ensuring agreeable and compliant subjects, and transforming locations throughout the home, or even the car, into studios for spontaneous photo shoots. Also featured are creative ways to display work and suggestions for unique photography projects.

This invaluable book reveals how to capture the essence of your special baby using the tried and true techniques of a well-known professional."

This "book" was interesting.  There wasn't really much to it.  I think I finished it in 20 minutes or so while pumping at work.  

He does have some good concepts... Get close to your subject (thus eliminating the junk cluttering your background)... He explains good lighting vs using the flash on your camera... And he talks about taking a lot of pictures to try to get a couple good ones.  

He does not go into detail on your camera itself... He does not talk about shooting in a mode other than automatic... 

Overall, it was an okay book with a couple main points but not much else.  For me I felt like it was a waste of money.  Oh well. 

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  1. Visiting from the hop. Wow! How crazy! Glad you saved me the expense.


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