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9 Things My 9 Month Old No Longer Uses

16 October 2012

    My teeny tiny little baby longer teeny or tiny.   Somehow we both have survived these past 9+ months.  But a lot has changed.   I was surprised at how much stuff a little baby uses and how fast we are packing things away.  

    So without further ado, things we are no longer using…

    1.  A nursing pillow - 

    I mentioned prior that we received our boppy pillow as a hand-me-down from Neil’s sister.  I also received a …… at one of my baby showers.  In the first couple months of breast feeding these were lifesavers.  I could prop Reid up against me, insert boob into mouth and relax (well as much as you can) while he ate.  Seeing that he ate every 2 hours around the clock having my hands free during this time meant that I could eat dinner, control the remote, or play on the computer.  

    However right around 5 months Reid started being much more interested in the world around while eating.  He would not just lay there and eat anymore.  He was rolling away from me and whipping his head around to see the dogs.  Using the nursing pillow became more of a hassle than help and they got packed away.  

    Now I just plop Reid in my lap while he eats for a few minutes a side, then he is off again to play. 
2.  The swing - 

Oh how I miss you.  He would sleep beautifully in the swing for naps or at night.  He loved the movement and I loved that he was cozy and safe… Oh yeah and that I could sleep too.  Well once Reid was able to sit up on his own, he would arch his back and make the swing a dangerous place.

Yeah, there is a seat buckle that I could use, but that was just too much of a hassle… So the swing got packed away.  

3.  The Rock-n-Play - 

After sleeping in the swing for a bit at night we put Reid in the Rock-n-Play.  He slept great at night again.  However, as the day approached for me to head back to work and Reid to daycare, I knew I had to get him used to sleeping flat on his back.  So sadly, the Rock-n-Play was folded up and shoved in a corner of our bedroom. 

4.  Swaddleme’s -

This just makes me sad.  Reid would sleep so good all swaddled up.  Ugh.  Uninterrupted sleep.  Sound sleep.  How I miss you.  Anyways, near the end of the Rock-n-Play days, Reid was able to consistently escape being swaddled, so, I sadly packed these heaven sent items away. 

5. The Bumbo -
 We only really used this for 2-3 months. It worked great to entertain Reid in the morning while making breakfast and chores in the kitchen.  

Again, once he could sit up on his own, the bumbo was a goner.

6.  The Moby Wrap - The Moby was heaven for the first couple months after Reid was born.  I would wrap him up tight against me and get housework done around the house.  He would snuggle in close and sleep away.  I used the moby to run in and out of stores with him.  Somewhere around the 3.5 month mark, it started to get uncomfortable with Reid in the Moby so we switched exclusively to the Ergo.  

7.  Activity/Play Mat - 

Reid loved to play on his playmat when he was stationary.  However, as soon as he was a rolling and then sitting, the playmat was a thing of the past.

8. Infant Seat -

At 7 months we started transitioning Reid out of the infant seat.  Reid weighs less than 20lb (our seat goes to 30lbs) but is just 1.5inches shorter than the requirements.  I was hoping to get through the summer with the infant seat, but in and out of daycare with that sucker each day made me reconsider.  Once I saw the carseats I wanted go on a stellar sale, I snagged two of them up.  After staring at the boxes for a week, we installed one of the seats in my car to get Reid used to it.  He loves it.  I love it.  So much easier on my back.  He has more room and can actually see around in the car.  Happy baby = Happy Momma. 

9.  The infant bathtub - 

Again that pesky sitting thing was the demise of yet another infant item, the bathtub.  Our little baby is now taking baths in the big bathtub.  
    Even though we are not using these items any longer they all did serve there purpose.  I would not to redo these first 7 months without any of them.  Oops case of the double negative there… 

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  1. They really grow fast and out of clothes and things and suddenly you fid yourself running around trying to get more things to keep them entertained and clothed. :)
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.


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