My Life of Travels and Adventures: Making Baby Food

Making Baby Food

11 August 2012

Back at 6 months, we started offering Reid some pureed food.  Thanks to my handing dandy blender it has all been made in my kitchen (or my mom's)...

 I took to making and storing food for Reid one evening and this is what it looked like.

1. Add fruit to blender.
2. Add blended fruit to ice cube trays and freeze.
3. Pop and store.
4. Make room in freezer for baby food.

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  1. I made the Wee One's baby food; it was so easy and much less expensive since he was eating what we were! I don't know why I didn't do it with my first two… :o)

  2. you are certainly more organised than I am :)

    I blog fiction myself,


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