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Window Frosting

15 November 2011

Our cute adorable dogs can be real monsters.  Well one cute adorable dog can be a real monster when there are people walking by outside.  Molly.  Our cute Molly dog will attack the front windows whenever some is outside.  She doesn't even need to see them but just hear them.  Needless to say it can be annoying.

The funny part is that when she is outside she could care less about other people walking by.  When our neighbor walks up the sidewalk she freaks out but if she gets out (while freaking out) she will just run over to whomever and pee at their feet while wagging her tail constantly.  Yeah, she is a weird dog.  

Anyways, the point of this post is that I don't want her growling and barking at the window all the time if there is a baby sleeping in the house.  So I needed a way to keep her from seeing out.  

Wouldn't you think that the left pane of the window has already been frosted?  Nope that is just covered in dog slobber on the inside and dirt from the flower box on the outside.  

So yeah, in this picture on the right window pane has been cleaned recently.
And now from the outside.  Aren't they cute looking dogs?  Wow that was a clean window!
So next came the window frosting.  I used clear matte spray paint and just went to town.
Not too shabby!
See just matte clear spray paint.  
And one sad puppy!

So far these frosted windows are working well.  Molly can still see the mailman and the neighbors when they are up close to the house.  But overall there is a lot less growling and barking.

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