My Life of Travels and Adventures: My Pregnancy Journal: Week 31

My Pregnancy Journal: Week 31

13 November 2011

About the Baby

How Far Along: 31 weeks.   Holy crap.  I am in the single digits for weeks remaining.  

Size of baby: Baby Rudiger is now16 inches long and about 3.3 pounds now.  Baby Rudiger is now being compared to four navel oranges.  Umm okay.  

Gender: Baby Rudiger is a boy!

Movement: Oh yes.  A lot.  All the time.  Especially in the evening while working on my computer. 

How I'm Changing: 
The heartburn for these past few days has been horrible.  The Dr suggested taking pepcid AC which is not helping.  
Total Weight Gain/Loss:   Up 28ish lbs at last weeks Dr's appointment.  Ugh!

Maternity Clothes: 
Of course.  This weekend I have been wearing my old t-shirts and my belly is constantly hanging out.  

How I'm Feeling: 
 The charlie horses have been increasing as has my lower back pain. 

Sleep: Besides waking up to weird dreams, charlie horses and because I have to pee a couple times each night... it is sleep.   

What I miss: My appetite.

What I'm Eating: Random things here and there.  Still not really making or eating dinner. 

Cravings: No cravings still.

Best Moment this week: Neil getting over his cold and working on the baby's room

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