My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Lego Letter

A Lego Letter

18 November 2011

A while ago I found this adorable button letter idea for the baby's room.  Problem was that I did not have enough buttons laying around and that Neil said it looked to girly.  I would have to agree that it does look girly but in my mind I would you "boy" color buttons and all would be well.

Well Neil suggested using legos... Seeing that he has tons of legos and they are more boyish.
This project seemed like a simple craft for the baby's room.  Well it was not.  It took forever for me to finish it.  Two weeks to be exact.

We/I started on Halloween night.  While Neil was out handing out candy to trick or treaters I was digging through thousands and thousands of legos while sporting a cute pumpkin shirt.
Then it was a lot of sorting and sorting.
Eventually, Neil gave up on the trick or treaters and came in to "help" me.
Really he decided to make his own project and had some assistants as well.
So while I sorted and sorted, Neil completed the baby's name.
And I completed half an R.
A few nights later with my assistant in tow...
... I completed the letter R.
And Neil redesigned his name.

Once the R was complete, I painted the an old picture frame we had on hand.
And mod podge'd the R... both to make the legos stay together and to give the R a shine.
Next it was figuring out a background color for the frame.
This was a tough one for me but I ultimately decided on the gray wall color of the nursery.
Not to shabby, huh?
I just super glued the R to the painted canvas and it was good to go a few hours later.
So Neil was recruited to hang it in the baby's room.

After he held the frame in every possible position in the room, we agreed that it would look best next to the window.

Oh yeah, Neil's lego creation is also being displayed in the baby's room.

Yes, he also made a truck, trailer, boat and motorcycle.  What can I say, the man loves legos.

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  1. Who doesn't love Legos? I love this idea!

    You won something :) come and claim it!

  2. This is such a creative idea, and finally a craft my hubby might not mind participating in! :) I love it!

  3. I LOVE this!! I am almost finished making one of these for my Lego obsessed father for Christmas. He's going to love it!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I wish I would have know about this when my son was younger. He was Lego obsessed then and would have loved this! Now he is teenaged & all into video games, lol. :P

  5. I love the wall color, do you know what it is called?


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