My Life of Travels and Adventures: Installing the nursery wall decal

Installing the nursery wall decal

01 November 2011

So we decided to tackle installing some of the decorations we have for the nursery this past week.  Up first was the wall decal. 

I bought a groupon to dali decals a few months ago... back before we knew that Baby Rudiger was a boy... and I have been pooring over the choices on the website.  I really liked the fairy decals for a little girl but was having a harder time deciding on a boy decal.... Planes, Trains, Bugs, Dinosaurs? Ah so many tough decisions. 

Well, I finally decided and Neil concurred on the dragon/lizard dinosaur.  I figured I could either have if coming up and out of the dresser or the crib. 

I ordered it a couple weeks ago and we received it within a few days.  I spent another week staring at the box before finally opening it and realizing how big of a decal it was.  Okay, yeah the measurements were on the website but it seemed much larger in person.

Anyways, Neil and I were both home one night last week so we decided to give it ago.  If it looked bad or we sucked at hanging it, it was only $20 spent  and no one would have to know about it. 

I decided that the lizard should go behind the crib.

It did take a lot of measuring and eye-balling to line up where the lizard should be.

But once it was in perfectly in place the decal was really easy to install... Peel the backing off and smush it in place.  Basically.

Here is the finished product.

I really like the color.  It matched the other items in the room perfectly.

We also have just got our crib mattress in.

So there you have it.  Another update to our nursery.

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