My Life of Travels and Adventures: Book Review: The Puppy That Came For Christmas

Book Review: The Puppy That Came For Christmas

02 November 2011

I picked this book up at the newstand in the airport.  There were not too many books to choose from and considering I have read probably half of them I was severelly limited. 

Anyways, The Puppy That Came For Christmas by Megan Rix sounded like my best option.

According to goodreads... "All Megan Rix ever wanted was a baby. Yet, month after month, Megan's dreams were dashed. Would her life ever feel complete?

Megan and her husband, Ian, found a surprising answer when they began training golden retriever pups to become service dogs for people with disabilities. But opening their homes and hearts up to Emma, and then Freddy-only to have each move on after six months-eventually took its own toll. Megan and Ian didn't know if they could continue. Then, one Christmas, little Traffy came along ... and stayed. An instant U.K. bestseller, The Puppy That Came for Christmas is a heartwarming and inspirational story that will captivate dog lovers everywhere."

It was an okay book.  Nothing stellar or thought provoking.  Overall rating 2.5 out of 5.

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