My Life of Travels and Adventures: Baby Name Basket

Baby Name Basket

26 November 2011

A while ago, while wandering the internet,  I saw some wooden blocks with letters on them.  I decided that I wanted them for the baby's room.  

Well, after shopping around, I decided upon a wooden box with the baby's name on it.  
Another fun project for me. 

After deciding to paint the box the accent colors from the nursery, I went to town.  It seemed like an easy paint job but then I noticed the tiny little slot all the way around the box.  Ugh!
I also decided to paint the letters white.  (We got these 4" letters at hobby lobby.  They were on sale for $0.69 and the package included 2 letters.  Score!)
After super glueing the name on the box, it was all set.  
I wasn't sure where I wanted to box to go once it was in the nursery.  Here it is filled with another baby room project.
Ultimately, I decided the box should go on the dresser.   Neil noted that a box of baby wipes fit perfectly in the one opening.  I put the moose we bought in Alaska for the baby in the other opening.  
Not to shabby!  You can see the paper lanterns that we previously installed in this picture. 

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  1. love this project, can you tell us the sources for the letters and the box?

  2. I purchased the wooden box at Joann's for around $7.00 and the letters as a pair at Hobby Lobby for $0.69.

  3. Nice! Thanks! This weekend will be Nursery project weekend with the family, and I am thinking of doing this box and maybe the lego project also! I hope u don't mind me being a copy cat! You have such inspirational ideas! I have another random questions for you.... my nursery is sock monkey theme... brown and reds mostly... but my daughter came up with the idea to add a touch of color and incorporate a teel blue into the nursery also. I see you have a teel blue sock monkey blanket in your nursery... can I ask where you purchased? Thanks so much!

  4. The blanket is from Ikea. It was only a few $ and the right colors for us. Let me know how your projects turn out.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Krystal! Thanks, I will. Your baby boy is adorable! I just viewed your updates and photos... I was thinking this morning... I bet she had her baby already, I have to go on her blog and check it out! And sure enough, there he is! So awesome! Congrats! :)

  7. Never found the blanket at Ikea here in Northern CA. :(


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