My Life of Travels and Adventures: The Alphabet

The Alphabet

29 November 2011

The internet can be a dangerous thing.  Especially when it comes to cute baby things.  Yup, another baby room project. 

I love how this project came out.  Love, love, love it.  But while spending way too many hours of one weekend working on it, I was not loving it.  

Anyways, I stumbled across this post on an alphabet wall for the baby's room and decided it was a must for  Reid's room.  

Enter a huge pile of letters (Only $0.69 for two letters at Hobby Lobby - Score!l)
And a huge stack of scrapbook paper (50 sheets for $2.99 at Ross - Score!)
And a long day in store for me. 

First up was laying out the letters to fit in the space that I wanted in the baby's room.
Then on to figuring out the paper/color scheme for each letter. 

Next was my least favorite part.  Cutting out each individual letter.  So frustrating.  My hands were killing me after cutting 26 of these little suckers out. 

Do you know how hard it is with a belly to take a picture looking down without the belly getting in the way?  See.

About this time I took a break.  I was frustrated how long this was taking me.  I wasn't in love with how the letters look.  I was just frustrated. 

A few hours later, I came back to the pile of letters that were strewn across our kitchen table and painted the edge of each letter in a corresponding color. 

Then I used the mod podge (from the lego letter) to glue each piece of scrapbook paper to the wooden letter.  Frustratingly painful as well. 

I also used the mod podge to seal over each letter and give it a shiny finish. 

After a good nights sleep, I was up to tackling hanging the letters.  I again laid out my design.

Then used a random piece of a poster picture frame as a straight edge to hang them.  (Yes, I used the back of the poster picture frame to paint everything).

  This again was a frustrating process.

Neil helped apply the glue dots to each letter.  
I ended up using several elmer's glue dots on each letter.  I probably could have got away with one or tow glue dots.  Those suckers are sticky! But easily removable.  

Finally, hours and hours later there were 26 little letters stuck to a wall in the nursery.
I really love how it turned out.  It seemed like a fun little project that ended up taking forever but I am so happy I struggled through it.

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  1. Hi - just came across your blog - have been reading it and really enjoyed your birth story! Also LOVE this alphabet wall! It is adorable and I'm So impressed that you made it yourself. I WISH i could! It's fantastic and I'm sure your baby boy loves looking at it! I have a baby boy and a blog myself! :) Stop by sometime - take care. Julie

  2. ps - you may get a lot of traffic bc I pinned the alphabet wall onto one of my pinterest boards!! Enjoy. Julie

  3. Saw your nursery on the bump and had to track you down to to find this alphabet wall! I love it! I will be making one for our nursery. Thanks for sharing!


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