My Life of Travels and Adventures: Baby Room Update

Baby Room Update

19 October 2011

Well my last baby room update was at the beginning of September.  You can see the pictures here.  Basically we had carpet installed, a crib and dresser in the room.  That was it.  Well a lot has changed.  Check it out.

Well I we have a chair in the room.  I opted out of a glider/rocker for a cute little comfy chair. 
Okay, yeah the chair is full of new projects for the room.  A rod for the new closet, a new blind for the window, a new curtain rod and new blackout curtains.  I am not sold on the black blackout curtains yet, so they probably will not be going in for a while.  

We also bought this shelf at Ikea and some cute colorful bins at target.  I wanted a place for books and toys to be stored.  
I think this will work. 

We also got a small lamp for the dresser that will hopefully work for those middle of the night wakings.  

The plan is to have a changing pad on the other end of the dresser (where the pile of books are). 

So here is a look into the room from the doorway.  You can see that we moved the crib (which is currently lacking a mattress but is full of baby clothes).
You can see from that picture why we needed new blinds.  

And finally a picture from the window looking out of the room.
We still need to get a lot of baby goodies before Baby Rudiger makes his appearance.  Only 3 more months to get stuff in order!

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