My Life of Travels and Adventures: Baby Nursery Update

Baby Nursery Update

04 September 2011

Well as you may remember our nursery was once our walk in closet.   During my last update Neil had ripped out the closet and painted.  Leaving the room looking like this....

To me it still looked like a large walk in closet.  

Well last week, we had carpet installed.  I was quite nervous about the carpet color choice.  We opted for a light gray carpet to go with out slightly darker gray walls.  

That left our nursery looking like, well, a nursery.  I was still skeptical of the carpet color, but onward and upward we went. 

My mom and sister we visiting last weekend, so we headed out for some furniture shopping.  First stop, Ikea for a dresser.  

We decided to stick with white furniture in the Baby's room.  Next we headed out looking at cribs.  I was set against a sleigh still crib until Neil and talked about it more.  The sleigh crib could easily be moved and turned in our little room as there is no proper front.  So it was decided....


Remember, upon my dad finding out he was going to be a Grandpa, his first response was "So I have to buy a crib?"  Well Baby Rudiger, thanks his Grandpa for the new crib.  

So, at the end of the weekend the Baby's room looked like this...


I still need to play around with room configurations and fitting a chair and bookcase in the room.  I think I have a plan.  Watch for more updates soon.

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