My Life of Travels and Adventures: Book Review: Inconceivable

Book Review: Inconceivable

21 April 2011

I saw Inconceivable, by Carolyn and Sean Savage, available electronically from the library.  I was intrigued.

According to goodreads...

The IVF mistake was simply stated: Carolyn Savage was pregnant with someone else's embryos. She and her husband Sean were forced to make a seemingly inconceivable choice: Either terminate the pregnancy, sue for custody, or deliver the baby—and relinquish it. The Savages decided to do what they would hope that another couple would do in a comparable situation. This is their story. Impossible to read without placing yourself in their situation.

I kind of remember hearing about this situation on the news in the past. But, this book definitely made you think.  What would we do in their situation?  How does this happen?  How are they able to be so strong throughout the whole ordeal?  

It was an interesting book to read.  Overall 3.5 out of 5. 

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